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  1. Hey what's going on guys. It's definitely been awhile since i've been on this forum. Hows everyone doing? Do you guys still have that "Cosplay" thread? What about the "Hot Chicks" thread? Man that was years ago, i'll go looking around and see what pops up. on a side note, L.S.D, I still see your Tekken Characters pop up on Tekken DR on PSP. Wonder if you've fought any of my Divine Fists. Andyman The Champion Have a grand day yall.
  2. Hey guys. Just wanna say that i'm on youtube, and that you should check my videos out. If you guys are members of youtube then add me as a friend. Everything is all good. Love my videos or hate my videos. Either way promote it in a good way. Thanks Andymans Video Delight
  3. I'd say some of the Asian chicks you guys post are barely alright. In real life I wouldn't even look twice at these girls. Can you guys really say that you find their faces attractive? I find better looking bods and faces on Asians girls around here in CALI. I'd post some but I aint got none. Haha
  4. Do I have to have 2.7 in order to downgrade? I'm currently on 2.6
  5. I want to know if i'll still be able to play my beloved Tekken if I did happen to downgrade.
  6. LSD, I faught your Jack-5 in Tekken Dojo! I kicked his ass though. Hahaha. I need to update you guys with my new better looking chars. Paul at Devine King at Devine - Almost Lili at Devine - Almost Baek at Devine - Long way to go.
  7. my Paul at Devine King at 5th Dan Andymans_Ghosts.rar
  8. I tried making a folder for friends ghosts and put your guys' ghost in there. When I tried to do Stage 0 for Tekken Dojo; it told me that the ghosts were corrupt. Hmm
  9. My paul is almost ready at Devine fist. Will post soon. Also, How do the ranks go?
  10. Oh I see, where are you guys uploading them?
  11. Where in the folders can I find my ghost? I have three, but I can't tell the differences in their names.
  12. I have to get Tekken in my veins before I sleep each night!
  13. So who wants to send their D-Pad on over to me?
  14. I did check to see if there was that extra D-Pad extra, but to my luck, there was nothing.
  15. Well who freakin cares! So this morning I wanted to wake up at 8 just to get to my nearest target to buy the game. I woke up at 9 and headed out to the target down my street. Did they have the game? Nope, and they told me that the game was coming out within the week. I decided that I couldn't be disappointed again and went to Best Buys. I went right when they opened and did they have the game? Nope, they told me that their shipment hasn't come yet and will come later in the day. I've come this far and for sure knew I wouldn't be disappointed at Frys Electronics, did they have the game? Nope, they told me that it will be here tomorrow at 4 P.M. So where the hell do I go? My girlfriend already gets mad at me for dragging her around town for just a game. Oh this isn't just a game to me either, it's Tekken of all games! She calls a Best Buys in Sunnyvale and to our avail, they had 20 copies. We rushed on the freeway to get to that Sunnyvale, mind you its quite far. We get there but see none displayed, I almost feel a defeat coming upon me until we asked a worker there, "Do you guys have Tekken for PSP?" "Tekken? For PSP? Let me check" so we follow him to the front, he doesn't find it. "It's in the back haha" he says, we let him go to the back and grab it. He comes back from the back and says "Just one?" "Yes please". Thank the lord he knew where the hell to find it. We went to three different stores before we came to our last resort. Rushed home just to pop this game into my PSP. In Conclusion: Tekken is the best PSP game ever.
  16. This bad boy officially comes out tomorrow! (or today) In the USA!
  17. DS games > PSP games and I own both of those systems.
  18. So it came with the D-Pad? Wow how exciting!
  19. Its not like we can get that Special D-Pad?
  20. Tell me how it is when yo uget it!
  21. Can you tell me step by step on how to find it?
  22. So I bought Mario Kart DS just for the multiplayer online. I did all my settings corretctly, put in the WEP key and all that jazz, but its not connecting. When I searched for the connections, it found my wireless connection and it had full bars, but when I tried to test the connection, it had no bars and said I couldn't connect. What could be the problem here? My WEP key is only 5 characters long, could that be a problem? Any other solutions besides buying the WFC? I don't know why it doesn't work either because I could go online just fine with my PSP.
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