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  1. Did anybody else besides me import this title back in the day? It was sort of cheesy, but I thought it was really fun! I would be playing it righ now if it didn't grow legs and walk away (if you know what I mean). If anybody else who played the game, do you remember the one robot who was armed with two guns and his special he would go across the screen with a flaming fist? What anime did he come from?
  2. Is there a website out there which is similar to the late mame.dk? A website that listed the games mame supported and also told you it's parent rom if it had one?
  3. I see alot of people have icons and animted gifs they made from various arcade roms. Is there a program that extracts these sprites from roms (I want to extract some CPS2 sprites) or are you guys pretty much playing a game on an emulator, pausing it, then taking a screen capture to get the sprite? I'm just curious.
  4. Capcom should have really regulated the usage of the Street Fighter name. They shouldn't have allowed Street Fighter The Movie (live action) to come out or that bad anime series Street Fighter:V (I think I just watched that anime for the kick ass intro song, hehe). Then there was also crappy Street Fighter Alpha the movie (anime). Grrr.
  5. I actually never liked Paper Mario, it seemed too slow paced for me. I was all about Super Mario RPG though, but I didn't like Paper Mario. I tried playing it on my Xbox a few days back and I quickly lost interest with the game after like the first hour.
  6. I lord, I hated Fighting Vipers 2. That game's programming was a total mess. It had a ton of glitches in it. I couldn't tell you all of them off hand since it's been such a long time ago, but I remember some of the stage finishers were broken. One thing I just wanted to add is that Sparkstar on SNES owned Rocket Knight Adventure for Genesis. When I had that game I used to play it like CRAZY! I must of beaten it like twenty times. The good old days of gaming when you actually had the patience to beat the game more then once. Does Gundam Wing:Endless Duel for SNES count as an underground game? That's one my most favorite fighting games ever.
  7. Yeah, Street Fighter Ex was Takara, ya know, the guys who used to port mad NeoGeo games to the SNES and Genesis back in the day. I'm going to stay optimistic about this game. I'm not going to flip out already and be like "WOW! I WANT THIS GAME NOW!" The more hype you build up for a game the more you wind up being disappointed in the end. I just pray it works! Actually, I'm pretty sure it'll work, I just hope there's balance. I doubt there will be any 100% combo in this game though. The only thing I can say I don't like about the game so far is the arenas. I don't like the incage thing that seems to be apart of every stage. All the previous King of Fighters games stages have pretty much been them fighting in the streets of various locations or at places setup for them to fight with a crowd cheering all around them except for the boss stages.
  8. Yeah, I wonder how much it actually sold.
  9. So, is the high quality game The Matrix going to win any awards for how fast that POS sold?
  10. I was just taken a guess off the top of my head, but like I said, developers who make 3D fighters have gotten lazy now a days. 10-14 characters and they're good to go. The more fighters you add into a game the harder it is to keep them all interesting and balanced (well, some companies now a days don't even try for balance) so I guess I can see there are less characters in games now a days. Then you got games like Dead or Alive which is have like 5+ different costumes for each character. Then there was that strange anomolity called Tobal 2. I wonder would happen if KOF:Maximum Impact had 200 characters, I think the casual gamer's head would explode.
  11. Ahh, recent? Fighting companies have gotten lazy. Probably Tekken 4, I remember them having alot.
  12. The Dreamcast has probably been emulated before, but everybody who figures out how to do it The Matrix sends agents after them.
  13. Xbox Next doesn't have a HDD, it's gonna have a Flash Drive (like did you ever see in the stores those flash sticks that hold 256MB of memory? Yeah, that's them). Which is a solid form of HDD without moving parts. It's supposedly cheaper to make Flash Drives and they're going to replace HDDs, but we'll see if that happens. I just hope Xbox Next has alot of system memory. That is what really hurts consoles, they want to be skimpy with system memory. That's why most Xbox games can't go beyond 16-player games and they're laggy because there isn't enough memory.
  14. True true! I had forgoten about the Rival School combo system. Very underrated fighting game. I've never played either game of the series at a high level so I don't know the extent of what you could do. I kinda just fooled around with it.
  15. I can't make judgement until I see videos of it in action. Character models look nice, but if this is another Virtua Fighter, Tekken, DoA clone I think I'll pass until it's in the budget bin. I don't now, there's something wrong to me when you open up a move's list and you see the availible list of combos for you to do.
  16. I find it funny that PS2, GameCube, and Xbox (Xeon plays one game) has been emulated on the PC, but there's still nothing on the Dreamcast.
  17. The biggest issues with consoles is memory, this is also the very first thing that console makers will cut back on. It's also important that your video hardware can support everything you need and is fast. Those are the two most important things I think. I just hope Xbox next isn't all process and no memory, which will really cripple it. I hope they go all out on specs with this console. The HDD (or with Xbox2 flashdrive) is going to start becoming more important when more developers realize it helps them out with caching data. Most of them are used to make games that don't rely on caching so they're "stuck" in this mold of game making and not using their full resources.
  18. I used to own Legend of Dragoon, it did not kick ass, I traded it away for store credit. Well, the point of XNA is so that with every new iteration of Xbox, they wont have to relearn the console and to make it easier for PC games to be ported to Xbox Next. Xbox Next doesn't need to be the most powerful, as long as it has the best graphics hardware and most system memory, it'll be the best.
  19. I hope that they can still keep the fast and furious nature of a 2D fighter within this game. One thing I don't like about 3D fighters is their combo system. They're all dial'em combos. You can't just make up your own combos which is sad because one of the joys of a fighting game is hitting somebody with a combo that you found out. Also, there are no combo exhibitions in fighters like that. I especially hope this game isn't like Tekken 4. The match is two people staggering back and forth with them baiting each other with moves until one person has a big enough opening to launch a 7-hit combo that takes away 70% of the other person's life and match is pretty much over from their. I hope they've learned from that horrible game, Fatal Fury:Wild Ambition (I've only played the PSX port), as well.
  20. I remember back in the day I could go to the arcade and play a fighting game against people and enjoy myself. Pop in a few quarters and have a hectic match of Marvel Superheros or King of Fighters 98 and just enjoy myself. Now, it seems like going to the arcades to play fighters is just too fustrating and too much of a chore. I was walking past my local arcade and I was about to go in for some competition, but I just didn't. I knew walking inside would lead me to more fustration. I don't know if it deals with the evolution of games and the evolution of players skill or game developers just don't take the time to put effort into really thinking about their games. This is mostly my experience from visiting arcades in my region. Okay, let me start with my biggest gripe, Snk vs. Capcom:Chaos. This game pisses me off to no end and here's my story. SvC:C came to one of the local arcade a few months after it was initially released world wide and it had everything opened from the beginning. Currently there was nobody playing the machine so I pop in some quarters and begin fighting against computer with Terry Bogard and I'm kicking it's ass pretty good so I'm thinking "Wow, this game is sweet!" Then some little kid comes around and pops in some quarters to play to me and he picks Violent Ken. I didn't know what to expect from him so my first attack on him was a jump kick, bad mistake. Instantly he had me in an infinite dealing with his dragon punch and his teleportation, he'd mix in a super combo now and again, but he'd always continue with his infinite, I was dead. Next round he was able to start a combo that launched me into the air via a special move cancel and once again.. dead. I'm standing there like "What the hell?!" I literally just walk away from the arcade. When I get hit and from there I have no oppertunity of winning I just walk away. So I go home and practice this game like crazy until I mastered the cancels and I go back to the arcades and I play some people (using Kyo) and I'm pretty much doing what happened to me, special move cancel infinites. They're getting so pissed off at me because of what I'm doing. "Oh me god you're so cheap!" "You suck!" "Play me fair!" Is stuff they'd say. So, I decided okay, I'd stop doing the cancels with my next opponent. He picks Chun Li. We have a normal fight, playing mind games with each other which was pretty fun but then as soon as Chun Li went into her Maximum Guage he was able to combo me until I died. The people around me are laughing "Hahahaha! That's what you get! That's what you get!" Then next round I lost too. I relinquish my spot and head to the back of the line. This guy with his Chun Li takes everybody out (so now everybody at the arcade is pissed at both of us) and it gets back to me again and I get back and picked Terry Bogard. The first match I make a mistake, I'm comboed to death with an infinite. Next match he made a mistake, I combo him to death with an infinite. Third match he wins cause of a mistake I made. I walked out of the arcade, it just wasn't fun. Matches determined by who makes the first mistake without a chance of a comeback, bleh. Before SvC:C I had stopped playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I just can't compete with people who are good with Magneto. Magneto can be anywhere he wants to be in one second and if you're on the ground it's over. It's somewhat scarey not being able to play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 unless you use a team who works well in the air, because anybody on the ground Magneto can dominate and stay in control of the match. I was good in this game, but when the Magneto revolution come around I usually liked to stick to the ground, so I was nothing. Capcom vs SNK2 pisses me off because people have figured out the now roll cancels. Or should I just call them what they really are, temporary invincibility. It's so annoying now with people that if you do something they can instantly roll, roll cancel, and catch you with a super combo since they're invincibile through your attack. I loved this game because it was mostly about mind games, but when the roll cancel stuff was discovered I was done with it. I've always hated Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX in the arcade. The programming for those games are garbage. Easy infinites, combo loops, throw infinites, throw priority, burst infinties, combos that lead to destruction moves which you have no hope of escaping, it all just got to me. I have especially learned to hate Sol Badguy. He's god in that game. I remember my first time playing against a Sol Badguy player, he was able to just run up to me, throw me, and just dominate the entire match from their. I could barely touch him. Whenever I did touch him he just did a burst infinite. Grrr... Tekken 4 I just can't get into it. Matches of Tekken 4 are just two people stuttering back and forward, each trying to bait the other person to leave an opening for an attack, then quickly a big combo is launched and the fight is over. That's it! It's no fun. There's a Virtua Fighter 4 machines, but i never see them get played too much. It's like the only time I have fun is playing the older games at the arcades with some people who still play them but that's rare around me to see somebody playing an older game. So usually it's just me playing against the computer. I think maybe I should just retire from fighters. I've seen videos of King of Fighter 2003 in action and it looks like more of the same. DuoLon as I've noticed has an easy infinite that is way too easy and I already see it getting exploited alot in videos. Maybe it's just the fact the competition is tough around my way which is good. I don't know. Fighting games just aren't fun to me anymore. You know, I really wish there was a Garou:MOTW arcade machine my way, I love Garou:MOTW, but I've never seen or heard of one in the US.
  21. He deserves it! Now he gets to be somebody's b!t<H in jail!
  22. Lol, we love you Agozer. You'll hafta excuse me, I had just done a night shift at my job and was remembering about the horrible time I had playing Pit Fighter. Ugh. Hm, now I'm reminded of another story. My friend (he was drunk) and I had went into a Babbages (back when they was Babbages and it was a store, not like an outlet in the mall) where I had another friend who worked there and we was talking, I was trying to keep an eye on my drunk friend because when he gets drunk he tends to do strange things. Well, my drunk friend goes over to some guy looking in the bargin bins for games and says "You're ugly!" The guy looks up at my friend. "What?!" My drunk friend repeats himself. "Yo! You're ugly!" And makes a look of disgust on his face. The guy then lowers his head and walks out of the store, gets in his car, then drives away. Oh my god, I had never seen anything funnier in mt life.
  23. I warn you now, this topic might bring up some bad memories of the past and make us feel uneasy or bring out the nasty sides of ourselves, but if we can dicuss our experiences I'm sure we will feel better in the end. What is the topic? Pit Fighter. I would have to say that Pit Fighter had to be one of the worst games in video game history. I am curious as to how you came across this maniacal experiment to torture the youths of video gaming? If you have never played Pit Fighter, please share the story of another game which you felt was the most horrible playing experience you ever had. Let me share my story. It was the second christmas holiday season that the Super Nintendo was approaching and had went under a huge price drop. Since Christmas was coming up my mom asked me what I wanted for christmas. I told her I wanted a Super NES console (it came with Super Mario World) and The Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past with it. She smilled and patted me on the head and assured me that I would get what I wanted for Christmas. On Christmas Day I ran to my presents to unwrap them and notice a big box under the tree. I opened it and there was my Super NES console! I was thrilled! Then I saw another box that was the shape of a game cartridge and I unwrapped it! Huh? What's this? Pit Fighter? What had happened to the adventures of Link as I had asked. Oh well, I figured I'd give Pit Fighter a play before I dove into Super Mario World. The game loaded up, I was able to choose from one of three characters. I figured I pick the Kung Fu guy (Kato) because he looked cool. The match started and Kato had to face a digitalized fat ass with red pants and wearing a black executioners mask. Kato bowed to respect his opponent, but while bowing his opponent walked right up to Kato and proceeded to pummel him. "WHAT THE HELL!" I yelled! What kind of cheap tactic was this! "OW! OW! OW! OW!" was the sound that Kato made as he bounced up and down off the ground while being pummled by his fat assed opponent. Bouncing off the ground, onto the side of the crowded, bouncing back again, and getting hit again bouncing him back against the crowd. Grrrr! It seemed as if no matter what I did, Kato was to fall pray to being attacked first by his opponent. Next, I chose the wrestler Buzz. "HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT!" Was the sound effect Buzz made as he did standing kicks. Unlike Kato he was able to start the match right away, but lacked Kato skills. I was able to defeat the fatass, but the next round I was owned by some strange looking hooker. Finally, I picked the kick boxer. For some reason he was forced to stand in place for several seconds, once again allowing him to get attacked upon. "OW! OW! OW! OW!" was heard again. I turned the game off. I thought to myself "WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS!" Every since that day I hated Pit Fighter with a passion. Unfortunately, being a yound kid with no money and no internet I only had Super Mario World and Pit Fighter for a few months so I kept torturing myself to that game until one day I actually beat it. I never played it again. I asked my mom later down the line, why didn't she get me the game I had asked? She told me that JCPennies had run out and the clerk recommended Pit Fighter as an excellent game. I'm pretty sure anybody who played that horrible game will always remember Buzz's "HUT! HUT! HUT! HUT!" So, anymore stories?
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