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How old are you guys?


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im so sexy at the age of 16! and my clan owns all..GO 3DO! SYKE! I am the best counter-strike player!


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I am 18 but feel like 14.

18 but feel like 14? That's only a 4 year difference. So you feel like a junior high kid? ^_^ Junior high sucked!


What does a 14 year old feel like? (Wow that sounds disgusting)


I've felt the same since 13, it's horrible.

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I memmer being in the 5th grade, and since my mom and her b/f coached lil' league baseball and my brother played on the team, I would always sit at the stands. Little did I know, the chicks from the snack bar were always lookin' at me funny(one was in jr high, the other in hs). Then when I go to buy a hot cocoa, they tried to flirt w/me. They thought I was a sophomore in hs, I told them "no, I'm a 5th grader and I'm 10 yrs old"...maan..they felt soo embarassed and stupid. But I don't blame em though, I almost grew a beard at that age :)

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