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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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Twenty-six users browsing this forum -- no surprise there! LOL Patience is a virtue, people.


Yeah, glad it's out; and it came out much sooner than I'd expected. Um... I'm a complete newbie when it comes to mame and using DOS, so I'll just wait for the kawaks version or NRX -- it's only a matter of time now.

Hahaha there is nothing simpler than Mame32.

Try it!

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It may be simple but these people were having problem with mame...


SNK fighter games- the control setting cant be changed....


you'll have to play as the settings that emulator has defaulted....

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if it helps

here's how to make kawaks 1.46 loader data anything in <these symbols> is an intruction and should not be in your finished loader data:



System: NEO

RomName: <insert the name of your zip file here>

Game: <insert the title of the game here>



<if you have a p1 file>

<the p1 filename with extension>,0,600000,<its crc>,0

<if you don't ignore the above line>

<if you have a p1 and a p2 file>

<the p1 filename with extension>,0,100000,<its crc>,0

<the p2 filename with extension>,100000,400000,<its crc>,0

<if you don't ignore the above lines>


<if you have a s1 file>


<the s1 filename with extension>,0,20000,<its crc>,0

<if you don't ignore the above line>


<if you have a m1 file>


<the m1 filename with extension>,0,20000,<its crc>,0

<if you don't ignore the above line>



<the v1 filename with extension>,0,400000,<its crc>,0

<the v2 filename with extension>,400000,400000,<its crc>,0

<the v3 filename with extension>,800000,400000,<its crc>,0

<the v4 filename with extension>,C00000,400000,<its crc>,0



<the c1 filename with extension>,0,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c2 filename with extension>,1,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c3 filename with extension>,1000000,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c4 filename with extension>,1000001,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c5 filename with extension>,2000000,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c6 filename with extension>,2000001,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c7 filename with extension>,3000000,800000,<its crc>,0

<the c8 filename with extension>,3000001,800000,<its crc>,0



CartridgeID: <insert 3 digit number here>

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0



:and you're done


if you're wondering what "<its crc>" means, its means the file's crc32 data, which you find out by downloading this:


just open the individual ROM files with it and it should give you a 7 or 8 digit code which is its crc.


and if you're wondering what "<the <whatever> filename with extension>", it means you put the full name like "kof2k_p1.rom" or "svc-ph2.bin".

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