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  1. u can try mugen tehehe make your own game
  2. how to do thats ?? i have this screen pack i plan to make it about 30-50 selection potraits i dl the 33 version but this wat i get ?? help
  3. wooooooooohoo finally 1eulation back .. good to hear thats n for the cvs2 screenpack it work 10q megaman
  4. great review i loved al genki games from dc n ps2 actually in ps2 also have same concept .. for txr3 its a lisenced cars .. but less mods .. compare to the txr zero ...
  5. itry d/l it to but didnt work i assume its not spuurt the winmugen i think ??
  6. god rugal @ ultimate rugal god rugal @ ultimate rugal
  7. my bad lol ahahahaha it work ..thanks .. btw where can i find the cvs2 screenpack
  8. okay thanks will try again still the same cant open data/EVE_battle/system.def ??
  9. it didnt work .. i try copy the fnt files ( all ) n recopy all files in the screen pack also didnt work ..hmm how can u teach me the step by step ...
  10. the motif thing i can do but the fnt files where can i find it n how to do thats ( im base on the youtube.com video tutorials ) ??
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