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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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Ok I have started a new thread..


Please post all info on the rom and rom links here!


I have locked the other thread but have not deleted it in case someone wants to read the info already posted. :angry:


Here is a tip for you all before you go asking for rom links or problems you may have.check all the pages of the topic to see if it has been answered allready.



check here for the s1 and m1 fixes link removed

Enjoy :lol:



PS. there is no rom for Kawaks or neorageX. once there is news on the satus of the rom. we will let you know.

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If you want the rom and emulator quickly, the newsgroups are the best bet:



If you don't know how to you the newsgroups, here is an excellent guide:


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If u have access to newsgroups its on there at alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo.


YOu can also find it suprnova, mirc, and also filemirrors.com.


But anyways HOw do u change the resolution of mame32 (I have never used mame32 before).


edit: Hurry up and use devil666 link while it is still alive.

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Try this link.


You can just tell theres about 2 billion people on there atm, but if you are patient (I wasn't I got it from DC, so I can't verify it) you just may be lucky.


EDIT: you may as well use Devil666Heart's link as it works

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