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  1. painkiller is beyond fun...shooting crap with the Spike gun is AWESOME...VERY fun. =]
  2. my fave webcomic site? Why that would have to be my webcomic Stack-Ups http://stackups.mervernation.com...if you dont find it funny...you're reading it wrong! lol i also gotta 2nd www.ctrlaltdel-online.com..that comic is awesome =]
  3. bittorrent is a GODSEND to the file shareing community..ive gotten so much stuff off of there that i never ever thought id ever be able to get...im on a 512kDSL line...and my d/l speeds usually go at a constant 50-60kbps..only time it goes slow is when there isnt alot of seeds/leechers..the more people d/ling, the better the speed of your d/l. =]
  4. anyone wanna setup a torrent for the pc version of this game? their d/l mirrors suck hehe =]
  5. ok..first off...im having the best time playing this...but im haveing a small problem..im running it with the mame32 off of the newsgroups...but..why doe the game start with 4 credits and limit you to only 4 credits? i cant add more... i had the same problem in sVc: chaos running on kawaks...is there a fix for this?
  6. im running an OLD version of magicengine...v0.9 to be exact...and i go to boot cd, and the options beneath it are dark... also..magic engine wont acknoledge my soundcard anymore...and i dunno why...weird =[
  7. ok..i converted the files to wav...burned the cue with nero...and all i got was an audio cd...?!?! help? also..when i do have it burned correctly..how do i open it with magic engine?
  8. just a question...how do you access the dip switches for neo-geo games in mame? ms5 has no blood...need blood....blood good =]
  9. ok...i just got a new video card...a Radeon 9600...and whenever i use an emulator, be it M.A.M.E. or Kawaks or Nebula or UltraHLE...to play any games, and it uses the hardware to do video, everything become anti-aliased. Now as far as i can tell, theres no option in the ati control panel to fully turn the anti aliasing off...does ANYONE have a similar video card and any ideas? ...thanx
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