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  1. nice, i've always enjoyed the resident evil series even tho i've never actually played one. i just watched my bros and friends play through 1-3, and code veronica.
  2. Poirot's latest cheat file also includes these as well as the infinite time/character cheats. remember to edit the number to the corresponding ones in your cheat file. [0] Name=Region 0=Normal,0,0 1=Japan,10fd82,00 2=USA,10fd82,01 3=Europe,10fd82,02 [1] Name=Blood / Flash 0=Off,0,0 1=On/On,10fd90,00 2=On/Off,10fd90,01 3=Off/On,10fd90,02 4=Off/Off,10fd90,03 [2] Name=P1 Power Gauge 0=Off,0,0 1=Max,10785f,01 [3] Name=P2 Power Gauge 0=Off,0,0 1=Max,10785e,01
  3. Linkin Park - Faint (Piano) Linkin Park - From The Inside (Piano) Linkin Park - In The End (Piano) Linkin Park - Lying From You (Piano) Linkin Park - Numb (Piano)
  4. depends on which patch you use, the one with icons doesnt have them in the practice mode. the one without icons should have them available. also, another version has all the bosses aligned in two rows vertically (one for each side) w/o icons but a red highlight box has them available in practice. mine is the last version i mentioned, the same one Xx1LLMAT1CxX has (5E6B7874). as far as i know there isn't one with the icons AND have them available in practice mode. so the only way to have them in practice mode is without icons.
  5. perhaps it would help if you posted the driver (or at least a link to it so it would not clutter up the thread) for those who wanted to test it.
  6. i didn't dl it, but im guessing that it's just for dev since neogamez released links to the mame version a few days after it was released, and now it's been a few days since the kawaks dev version has been out for a few days so neogamez released a link. but who knows, they may surprise us, and perhaps *GASP* redeem themselves a bit?
  7. thanks to neogamez?!? they didn't do anything! if anything they were being hypocrites the entire time by speaking against the release of kof2003 and saying we're stealing money from snk playmore, but then they link the the roms afterwards. gah. not your fault you didn't know, but still.
  8. the developers version has more romsets and special developers options, like in the neogeo settings theres a developers mode (which curiously unlocks the bosses w/o cheats) and a developers menu and i prefer the loader because it gives me the freedom to update and change my romsets as i please without having the exact files. i just need to change the.dat
  9. Here, go to Kawaks > Ini > kof2003b.ini search for "; Player 1 macros" (without quotes) and paste this over that section. ; Player 1 macros Key1_MacroReverse=59 Key_Macro1A=2 Key_Macro1B=3 Key_Macro1C=4 Key_Macro1D=5 Key_Macro1E=6 Key_Macro1F=7 Key_Macro1G=8 Key_Macro1H=9 Key_Macro1I=10 Key_Macro1J=11 search for "; Macros for player 1" (without quotes) and paste this over that section. ; Macros for player 1 Macro1A=12+ Macro1B=23 Macro1C=34 Macro1D=D,DF,F,D,DF,F,13 Macro1E=D,DF,F,D,DF,F,24 Macro1F=D,DF,F,F,DF,D,DB,B,13 Macro1G=D,DF,F,F,DF,D,DB,B,24 Macro1H=B,DB,D,DF,F,B,DB,D,DF,F,13 Macro1I=B,DB,D,DF,F,B,DB,D,DF,F,24 Macro1J= doing that sets the following macros for kof2003b. F1=Reverse Macro (ie F1+4=QCB,QCB+2P) 1=Dodge (Hold Back To Dodge Back) 2=Tag 1 3=Tag 2 4=QCF,QCF+2P 5=QCF,QCF+2K 6=QCF,HCB+2P 7=QCF,HCB+2K 8=HCF,HCF+2P 9=HCF,HCF+2K 0= i couldn't find a macro to put for 0, any ideas?
  10. you can make them yourself, which im gonna do right now. ill post it up if you guys want.
  11. they merged the 8 c roms into 6 c roms (the c5 and c6 are duplicates of others, but i used a patch to fill up c5/c6 with 0's to compress to 32k instead the wasteful 12mb), combined all 4 v roms together into 1, patched the s rom (for graphics problems in kawaks), and cut off the last mb of the p2. the only original files are the m1d, the 512k version, and the p1. and the kawaks hes running it on is the 1.48b/dev version not the normal version.
  12. first one is mugen, here's a link to dl it.
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