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KOF 2003 On KAWA-X


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hmmm....i don't know what this p1 he just posted is, but i started comparing the hex and it's hella different...


perhaps he's right?


someone let me know dammit...(my computer is STILL comparing this crap) ;)




okay...i compared em and it's way different (as i stated before) - it has much of the same setup as ssV, but i'm still not sure as to what rom order it uses - i'm guessing the original dump, but that leads me to wonder, why the bl on the p1?


anyone have any input on this?

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pmame.bin did not work as-is.

neither did another p rom i was sent a link to.


i say as-is because it might be something simple to add or take away from it. Its very much in the propper structure of a good P rom to work on kawa-x.


the P rom has already been tested to run on FBAX however it still utilizes some bankswitching.


soon im sure

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