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  1. I don't know much about exploits. I use chips and the only exploit I know how to do is the audio exploit. M$ fixed the dash with the new XBL and the audio exploit won't work with it. So you can't have the new dash with that exploit. So using backups with this exploit on XBL won't work. Does any of the other exploits work with the new M$ dash? If they do then can this dude be telling the truth?!?
  2. There are 2 adapters that I found work with PSX controllers on kawa with no lag. I got them both form Fry's Electronics. One is madcatz and the other says Total control on it. They both were about $12 and they both work with Xbox and gamecube. If U don't have a Fry's try Outpost.com it is their online store.
  3. My friend spoke to a guy that said there is a new way to burn games that play online. He said that the game would self boot and that U would not need a modchip(like Dreamcast), therefore U could play on LIVE. Now before I get flamed I would like to say that this sounds like BS to me, but I haven't keeping up with the scene's news in a while and I need everyone to give imput to this post. If it is true then it sould be shared with the masses. If not then I want to hear what U think about this tall tale. Flame On! Oh Yeah the guy that said it can be done is some guy on Xlink that is notorious for cheating!
  4. Prican is right it plays and looks best on DC. You just can't beat DC when it comes to NAOMI fighting games. Guilty Gear X on DC was a lot better than the PS2 version. guilty gear xx reload -jap on xbox is better than the PS2 version and I have played it in the arcade. It looks and feels just as good or better on xbox than the arcade. Oh yeah Smmaz thanks for the help on building my cabinet, the link helped alot with how to wire the controls. Thanks for the BT link I wanted GGXX#reload since it came out about 2years ago. Now I have it because it made a port to xbox I love this system!
  5. PowerStone 3 (xbox) Dreamcast games seem to port well to xbox(shenmue2,Rent-a-Hero,shigi,ect.) I figure it would look good on xbox and plus it has four controller ports!
  6. That's easy just double the sive by merging one fine with itself. ex: copy /b 264-m1.bin +264-m1.bin 264-m2.bin make the new name of the file (264-m2.bin) different from the original and move to a new folder. Now rename it in the new folder back to the original name(264-m1.bin ) It should be double the size and ready to use. now put all other files needed into the folder with the newley sized file and zip.Do not put the original 264-m1.bin into the new folder. Name the zip to the correct name need for the rom to show up.
  7. Game= splintercell:PT or Rainbow six 3 Time= 7:00pm(cst) Fridays all through the weekend Service= XBC(xbox connect) Server name= Orochi I will start at 7:00pm(cst) every Friday and keep the server up until Sunday at 10:00pm(cst) The server will not close as long as someone is willing to play either game!!! I look foward to some great gaming BOX OWNZ
  8. I have a Thompson drive and the only cd-rw it reads for me is Fuji Film, but later i bought more Fuji Film cd-rw and it did not work with music, only with games! My Phillips has trouble with fuji dvd-r but not cd-rw, but reads almost everything else that is cd-r/rw and dvd-r. I have not used dvd-rw.
  9. I have chars from jojo's bizarre adventure and it is cps3. Where they from dvds cause if so the look damn good! Orochi Herman's(i think that's his name) shadow dio is great. I have the whole cast from the game plus the hidden midboss Death13. How could they do JJBA and not 3rd strike. also I have CVS RYU and CVS is NAOMI and it is not emulated either!
  10. Shibathedog try xboxconnect. The only games I play on there are Rb6-3 and slpintercell:PT. slpintercell never lags and Rb6-3 only seems to have problems when there are 14people or so in a server. so just cap the server at 12.Whith XBC you can play all your backups or use your originals and best of all its FREE!! Gamecop you should get the X2.3b lite. It's not that hard to soder and that soderless (+) thing can be a pain if moved, besides soder is like 2$ and the iron is not that bad. Then you can keep the soder and iron for the next system you mod!Oh, yeah once you start modding your systems you never stop.
  11. Cominus I got the same thing with A120%. I just burned anyway and it worked. You sould give it a try
  12. 200gb ha! I've been looking into 300gb!!! I have a TV in my car and I like to have music vidz and movies running while I drive.Games + music vidz and movies = well over 120gb. I just need more space
  13. x2 lite(2.3b) is the way to go if u wanna save money. It is a great chip and easy to install. If u live in Texas order from system-mods.com. I did and I got my chip in like 30hrs.
  14. U will need 1mb bios for the x2 lite+. go to X-S (xbox-scene.com) and take a look around they have tons of info on flashing and all the info U need about bios.
  15. MXM is my dash of choice until I figure out how to make better skins with unleashX. Unleash seems to have all the best things from each dash rolled into one!
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