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  1. what always puzzled me was the different names of DS3 in the US... i've seen : Darkstalkers 3 DS3 Jedah's Damnation Vampire Savior anyone have any idea about this? -jin
  2. check news - kof2k3 running on nrx - it's only a matter of time.... -jin
  3. Seeing how I'm one of the few who still cares about this game being emulated on KawaX, anyone heard anything? just general inquiry as usual...bleh.
  4. nice..... and they had to be drunk...or on some sort of mind altering drugs...
  5. I suppose I can answer that... You need the following items : 1. Modded Xbox able to run homebrew programs 2. Know how to transfer programs and files to and from your hard-drive (tutorial for this can be found at http://www.xbox-scene.com) 3. You'll need a copy of the "hacked" version of FBAx b4, the original dump of KOF2k3, the pmame.bin (fixed p1 rom that is 7mb), and a neogeo bios that has at least the MVS and AES bioses. 4. Upload these onto your xbox and edit your menu to incorporate the FBAx b4 program. (the roms go in the roms folder) 5. you're done - play!
  6. from ArtL Also if you use the latest bios (X2 4981), it fixes this problem.
  7. oh...nice...that'll have to go on the faq. -jin
  8. hey glitch, i had trouble with this on the xbox fbax....what exactly were your settings?
  9. Q: My infinite time symbol is messed up - can I fix this? A: This can be fixed. I patched my s1 using the Mame patch created by Poirot and it worked fine. Only problem is now you have to have your default.xbe updated. You can manually do this, or grab N3oGhost's version of FBAx b4. It has the fix already applied. (Thanks to Prican25 for confirming this) Prican25 : Much obliged sir. I would have done it this morning anyway (thought about it last night while messing around with the rom.)
  10. Q: Why does my title screen not look right? A: This is a result of a Bios that is abnormal being used. The Debug and Universe Bios both can cause this effect. Debug only messes up the title screen and does not share the "white bar" effect that the Universe Bios causes. Also, reports have come in saying this only happened for Debug ONLY and not when set on Debug with MVS/AES selectable. I have yet to confirm this. Update : After extensively messing with the bioses, I found that after a few resets, the debug and normal bioses do not yield this problem again. I believe it is merely something about the code that gets jumbled somewhere and the graphics come out wrong. Go figure. The game runs perfectly otherwise and it's a rom - my solution to you -> live with it. lol.
  11. Thanks to N3oGhost, there is a working compile of FBAx that supports ALL the banned roms. Taken from this thread here, Prican25 explained simply how to fix any problems one may encounter with roms not loading update : what Prican25 means as "in reverse" is that the CRC is actually in reverse. One must remember that hex is programmed in sets of two digits meaning one value. In other words, the value of C5 will always be C5. A value for a CRC that you are looking for may be AE5C FE7B - since it is reversed, it would show up as 7BFE 5CAE. Thought I'd clarify this for people.
  12. Q: Why is my rom only playing in AES mode? A: Apparently, FBAx has a bug where when it laods for the 1st time, it loads in AES mode despite the selection of MVS. This stems from a bug in the code of FBAx b4. The bug causes all NeoGeo games to load in AES when first loaded. To remedy this, simply perform the following steps when loading. 1.) Load game (default setting is MVS) 2.) Go to settings and change setting to AES - reset 3.) Allow game to load (ie, let it play for a second) 4.) Go to settings and change setting to MVS - reset 5.) When the game loads, it should be in MVS mode 6.) Proceed to have fun! w00t! -thanks to Prican25 for pointing this fix out
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