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CoinOPS 2 R3


For the new CoinOPS  

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Like you know i stand bye for "Laser Disk" perfect emulation ;)

Daphné is so older on xbox ;)

I have ALL the games if you want some for tests ...

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Sega CD additions? Stuff like Sonic CD, Snatcher (I know not really a COINOPS game), Heart of the Alien...


Feel bad even asking for stuff. Have not even went through even of fraction of what COINOPS2 is. Thanks again for all your work BP, you make my life a lot easier and fun!


(plus I only have 10 freakin' posts to my name... really haven't earned the right to ask for sh*t!)

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Scuse me i'm so stupid you already tell it to me lol

But i don't have understand how to make them works ?


Because ok there is a copyright and you can't give us the ISO !

But can you exactly explain us how to use our games on coinOPS ?

You use an ISO ? an folder ?

Where to put in ?

Is there any setting some where to configure or enable ?



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How about a graphics fix for "Golden Axe revenge of Death Adder"?



There was an emulator called "modeler 9.03a" used to be able to play all sega arcade games perfectly without any glitches,

games like "Golden Axe revenge of Death Adder, spiderman, sonic arcade, virtua fighter, star wars etc...




Would have been nice to have an xbox port of this emulator, then we would have a perfect Golden Axe 2...

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how about an option to turn off consoles so they don't show.


also the "M" or "Adult" rated do not show.


and get rid of the locks too.


don't get upset... you asked for what features do YOU, the forum poster wanted.

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