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  1. I would vote for scanlines support
  2. Can I also get a link for those xmv collection? Thank you in advance.
  3. Awesome work!!!! Waiting for the link to reignite r3... Thanks to all of those involved in this project
  4. A link to standalone coinops reignite R2 would be appreciated here
  5. Can anybody provide me a link to the very last beta version? Thank you
  6. Well, of course I would like to get this CoinOPS update! Give me a link too, please. Thank you in advance.
  7. Did you rebuild the romset and put the roms in the roms folder?
  8. The standalone is the same as the full version with roms removed. It's bigger than 17Mb because it includes the screenshots pack aswell. I hope it's clear enough now.
  9. CoinOPS GOLD full version has been released at the --link removed--- forums under the Xbox1 Downloads > Xbox1 Game Downloads section And here is the Standalone version for those who don't want to download the full 4,49Gb package: --- links removed --- I'ts exactly the same as full version except that this one doesn't include the roms. Instead, use the included "CoinOPS GOLD romset.dat" under the "- Stuff to Help" folder to rebuild the romset.
  10. If BP gives his permission, I will release aswell a standalone version with a dedicated clrmame datfile to build and match the full release romset.
  11. If everything goes well, CoinOPS GOLD Full release is planned in 16 hours by rapidshare links. Keep the fingers crossed.
  12. RastanX

    Hey BP

    rx, you should stop drinking too much, it won't help you at all and please, do us a favor and let BP alone
  13. I've grabbed CoinOPS standalone version without roms (thanks hellsfury) and just to be sure that my romset is fine I would need a clrmame or romcenter datfile to check against my rom files. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.
  14. Sure, you can extract the file contents from the big iso file and then ftp its content to your xbox hdd (In fact, running from hdd is nicer than from DVD). If you put under f:\emulators or e:\emulators it should be automatically detected from XBMC launcher. I'm sure BritneysPAIRS would like to hear some feedback from this MamedOX release.
  15. I've started sharing MamedOX Platinum2 over the emule/edonkey network. You should look for the file "MamedOX Platinum2.rar" with hash=D5656C67AFF282EE410B02A602AC7D67, it weights 3.39GB. I think elinks can't be posted here, but with all of those details it shouldn't be hard finding it.
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