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CoinOPS 2 R3


For the new CoinOPS  

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damn...You guys in these forums confuse the hell outta me...


i see your new to this forum. don't worry you'll get used to the confusion...


it's really the only thing that keeps this xbox forum open.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

sorry a few people spoil it for everyone ;)...pm me if you have legit stuff, this vote went exactly I as I was building for anyways :D


when the votes are looked at and I get ride of the people that spoil it......the results where


A new arcade pack is most wanted as expected

nearly everyone now uses CoinOPS for arcades and consoles

most people use the full packs now and alot upgrade with the standalones

A close call for a few other features.....but along way behind an arcade pack

very small percentage wanted credits in the emu

I might add some more cores as well


Thread closed....


anything more PM is the way.....new release is happening next weekend

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