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  1. Anybody have any screen shots of this game?
  2. Sparda I am now your #1 fan! Thank you so much... worked like a charm. Now just to FTP it over and hopefully no further problems!
  3. I use JDownloader to get the files, then I used both WinRaR and WinZip to unpack them- same corrupted files both times? UPDATE: Downloaded the 1st part of the update pack again (4th time) and its the same problems. I can't be the only one with this problem? The files that are corrupted are: \mod\music\48.ogg \RomsN64\N64_MickeysSpeedWayUSA.zip \RomsN64\N64_RampageWorldTour.zip \RomsN64\N64_SuperSmashBros.zip \videos\bullfgtr.xmv \videos\hwrace.xmv \videos\insector.xmv All of these say 'File is Broken'
  4. I have downloaded the packs (all 3 of them!) 2 times now and all of them are showing corrupted files?!? The R3 Standalone had just one, I believe it was backgroundmusic\track2.wmv - Not a big deal because the file still played, but the other packs had numerous corrupt roms (mostly N64) and the SoR.dat file was corrupted as well as a few others... Is this only a problem with me? I would really like to get these packs if anybody is able to help? Thanks...
  5. damn...You guys in these forums confuse the hell outta me...
  6. off 6 votes you're going to remove console support?!? That will be an option right? Doesn't seem right...
  7. Sega CD additions? Stuff like Sonic CD, Snatcher (I know not really a COINOPS game), Heart of the Alien... Feel bad even asking for stuff. Have not even went through even of fraction of what COINOPS2 is. Thanks again for all your work BP, you make my life a lot easier and fun! (plus I only have 10 freakin' posts to my name... really haven't earned the right to ask for sh*t!)
  8. Alright, I reformatted the drive- single F: in 32kb cluster (and double checked to make sure using the EvoX (following Bomb Bloke advice here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=70037) Now I'll spend hours putting all my games back on and hoping the data will not corrupt this time. Thanks a lot for everyone's replies... especially you Nextel- your help is very much appreciated!
  9. I was wondering about tis.. managed to make a partition drive (copied the XBPartitioner into the E: then ran it from there... took literally 10 sec to finished and was thinking it was impossible that it was done that quick? I would REALLY like to have it all on one drive though (F:) Is this necessary or can I just FTP the ones I wanted that I have backed up from before? It did not give me the lbl warning... so I am assuming I don't need a new BIOS? Thanks sooo much the replies. Helping me out a lot (I realize it takes a lot of patience on your side)!
  10. Alright... Thanks so much for your help BP. However I am pretty sure (from what I have been reading online.. specifically: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/lofiversi...hp/t31707.html) that I need to update the BIOS for my system. The dude who modded it for me uses an older Slayers disc to setup the xbox, and this thread specifically says that Slayers does not contain the right BIOS or formats the drive correctly for larger hard-drives. So looks like I will have to do some more research. I am in the process of downloading AUTO INSTALLER DELUXE (AID) iso to help me reboot the entire thing. I just need to read up on how to flash the BIOS (which looks like a fairly complicated process. One question though- If anybody know the answer to- the installer and the posts i've read suggest using the X2_5035 BIOS. My question is: Can this BIOS be used for any mod chip. Pretty sure mine is the DUOX3... which I have read is a crappy clone chip and not a very good one. But it seems to work fine (when the hard-drive cooperates anyway:). Thanks for any more help you guys can give me!
  11. It's not a 300gb drive its 500gb... as far as the 1.1 you're talking about XBPartitioner right?... Is there no way to have only one 500gb drive on the xbox without partitioning it then?
  12. ....Okay last question was stupid and I learned my lesson to look sh*t up for myself:) Do you think it could be a problem with the BIOS. I tried the XBpartitioner and it says nothing about 64k or 128k, only 32 (and that seems to be correct form what I have read so far... But if it didnt work the second time- BIOS issue? I'd really like to do this without having to partition the drive...
  13. This is probably going to sound really stupid.. but do I run this program within the dashboard?
  14. ummmm... does that mean reformat and then partition the drive to make a G: drive? If so- whats the limit on the F: or the G:... like 250gb on F: and then whatever is left on the G:?
  15. Hello, I am going to try and explain this, but bare with me as I am very new to the xbox scene. I have an original xbox modded with a chip (not done by me) and an upgraded 500gb hard-drive (I use the UnleashX dash). A few weeks ago I loaded on many emulators and close to 80 of my original discs (through DVD2Xbox). I was at close to 300gb of space USED when I was copying over another game and ZAP... all the sudden all my emulators and games were gone (f:\games and f:\emulators were gone!)? I took it to the guy who installed my mod (very professional and nice guy). He said he has never seen this before so he reformatted for me and then game it back (making sure it was done in FAT32...whatever the heck that means). Well fast-forward to this morning, took me hours and hours to load all the stuff over again, and around the same spot- ZAP again. This time all my f:\emulators and the information is all still there- but the f:\Games drive is once again completely empty - but still showing I only have 200gb left over? ANY help would be greatly appreciated- i'm very frustrated at this point and have no clue how to fix it? Thanks for reading.
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