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  1. There is something called xresizer (I believe) that is used in a few other emulators to change the size of the display. Try looking into that.
  2. Yea it's a pretty simple fix for an annoying problem!
  3. How to remove xbox Jewel (if you are going to be using it on a clear case)
  4. Here are some more tutorial How to softmod your xbox, install XBMC, and install a bigger HDD
  5. I was wondering if anyone has tried to run this rom/game on the conventional emulators? I've tried playing it on mednafenx with no luck. Thanks!
  6. I use to pick up a lot of great wide icons from here https://picasaweb.google.com/ariel.metallico/TransparentWideIcons758x140px# Does anyone know what happened to them? They were great - there were several options for each console. Thanks!
  7. We'll start with a simple one: How to FTP to your Console How to FTP to your console Download Filezilla and install Hook up xbox to Ethernet cord (Cat5e) cable [home network] (plug one end into your xbox and the other end into your home router) You will know that the console is online when you see news streaming across the bottom of the XBMC main menu screen. You will also be able to look at weather information (I suggest hooking up the ethernet cable before you boot the console). While at the main XBMC menu screen go down to settings, use the d-pad and hit the right direction. Now select system info and hit “A” Then go to network You need to find and write down your IP address (for the console) [*]Now open Filezilla on your PC (which has to also be hooked up to the same network). You will fill in the following information HOST: ip address USER: xbox Password: xbox Once you have filled all 3 in then you will hit enter and hopefully you will connect to your console. [*]If you want to add original xbox game iso’s to your console, you must extract them before transferring them. I recommend that you download Qwix101, this program allows you to select an ISO file that you have on your PC and extract it into a folder. You will then take this folder and transfer it over to the F:/games/ - where your other original xbox games are.
  8. I was actually just about to play dark souls (just got it via gamefly). I heard it is one hard game!
  9. Looks like a lot of fun, keep us posted!
  10. I didn't move around anything in the CO4 download (just deleted the games in the corresponding folders). CO4 is a fun emu (thumbs up to the development team). I hope the savefile exploit will enable many more users to enjoy the emulator.
  11. The purpose of this thread was to use CO4 to play arcade only???? Why would you follow the instructions to follow an arcade only if you wanted to play non-arcade games in CO4? If you downloaded the whole CO4, just hit rescan/reset and you'll reset the settings. No harm done.
  12. Here you go! http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/34225-coinops-4-how-to-disable-locks-run-arcade-only/
  13. The following is a guide on how to run Coinops 4 - with arcade games only (which normally causes CO4 to lock). This guide does not require that you modify any files or "hack" CO4; instead, we will employ a simple system save file exploit. This will allow you to run Coinops 4 (locked versions) as you see in the video below (just arcade games). Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to an Arcade only Coinops 4 1. Download this file https://hotfile.com/...Unlock.rar.html 2. Unrar the file - after doing so you will find two folders: UDATA and TDATA - If you haven't tried to install Coinops 4 (or older versions) on your system - you'll need to place the folder from the UDATA folder (acade444) into the UDATA folder on your E:drive. Then do the same with the contents of the TDATA folder. -If you have already tried to run coinops 4 (or previous versions) on your xbox - you will need to go to the E:drive on your xbox and locate the UDATA and TDATA folders. In both folders you'll find the folders with the same name as the files you downloaded (acade444). You'll need to delete these folders and put the new ones in their respective places. 3. Before you transfer over Coinops to your xbox (or if you already have) you'll have to clear out the following folders (leaving them as empty folders) DoomWADS KI1 KI2 roms16BitConsoles romsConsoles RomsN64 RomsN64HiDef ------- NOTE ------- you will have to go through the videosextra folder yourself and remove the vidoes that correspond to the games you removed (eg. PSX, SNES, Genesis, Amiga, etc.) 4. Now, if you have done everything correctly you should have Coinops 4 transferred over to your xbox (which should equal about 23gb's) and you should have the downloaded UDATA: acade444 and TDATA: acade444 in their respective places. All you have to do now is click on coinops 4 and you are good to go! You will notice that coinops will not run the initial startup and rom scanning - this is because you already placed the files acade444 files in the TDATA/UDATA. This makes coinops think it has already scanned your roms. Caveats to this method - Since this is not a true "hack" (you are simply making coinops think you still have all of the roms and that you're just running the "arcade game filter"), you cannot hit rescan roms. If you do, coinops will realize that you only have about 1600 roms and you will be back to start (NO YOUR XBOX WILL NOT EXPLODE - this just means that the lock will be reinstated - so when you try to click on a game - the screen goes black, as if it is going to attempt to launch the game but then it just returns to the rom selection screen. If this happens to you, don't worry. All you need to do is delete the acade444 files and replace them with the ones you downloaded. You can delete games from the arcade list, but you will have to do so one by one (via the coinops menu option "delete rom"). If you want to get rid of a certain rom, you will also have to go and delete its corresponding video (via FTP or Filemanager), if you wish to save more space. The reason this all works is simple - I put the whole CO4 (minus KI1 and KI2 because I already have those elsewhere on my xbox and I don't like CO4 to replicate some of my other emulators due to problems this commonly causes) on my xbox, then I turned on the arcade only filter. At this point everything is good - CO4 knows that all of the roms are there (or at least 3000). Then I exited out of CO4 and simply deleted the contents from the folders that were mentioned above (via FTP). So even though you deleted all of the console games - CO4 doesn't know, because you didn't ask it to rescan. Then I simply copied the UDATA and TDATA folders that correspond to CO4 and made them available. I know some people may get concerned about using these methods "What is going to happen when I apply an update to CO4?" "I heard that my xbox will explode if I apply an update to a "modified" CO4!" I recommend that before you apply any updates - you revert the saved files back to start by simply deleting the acade444 folders in the TDATA and UDATA folders. After you do this it will be as if you've never installed CO4 on your xbox! What if I want to add arcade games? The only way to do this is to ask CO4 to rescan the roms - which as you know will place CO4 in a locked down mode (because you won't have over 3000 roms). The only way to add arcade roms to CO4 (at this time) is to do this entire process yourself (move CO4 over to your xbox in its entirety, then add the games you want - rescan - then apply the appropriate filter - exit CO4 - then delete the games/videos that are not being shown by your filter). I don't like that you left out KI1 or KI2! Unfortunately, for you - this is the way I setup my CO4 and if you use my save files you'll be stuck with my configuration. If you want to add KI1/KI2 you'll have to do the whole process yourself (as described above). Please let me know if you have any questions!
  14. Hey everyone, I figured some people out there were using HD CRT TV's (like the later model Sony WEGA's) and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind shedding some light on the topic for me. I have the opportunity to pick up one of these KV-32HS420 (sony) This is a 4:3 Sony that says it can do up to 1080i, but I guess I'm a little confused as to how a 4:3 does 1080i. I like running my original xbox in 720p with filters on my NES, GENESIS, ETC. and I think it would be cool to keep the Hi-Def output and run those old school systems in Hi-Def. Thanks!
  15. Video just finished uploading (so may not be available in full HD yet) Video shows off some of the different skins and some game play from a few classic Arcade games. http://youtu.be/h9f1QpDNV84 Thanks to Gamezfan for the help!
  16. Got it unlocked! More news soon (and a video)!
  17. I don't know much about coding (actually I don't know anything), but what if I used an older coinops .xbe?
  18. Is there a file that one would have if they have installed everything, that they could share with others (that you could just copy over a file to tell coinops that you have everything - even when you don't)? There has to be an easy solution to this silly lock!
  19. Thanks guys, I just figured that there was a file some where that one could open up in notepad and change a value (or something like that). It is likely something simple, just need to find out where it is.
  20. I just picked up coinops 4 and I removed all of the console games (I enjoy CO4 just as an arcade experience) and I'm assuming that I'm running into a lock. Every time I click on a game the screen goes black and then it just loads the rom selection menu again. Anybody have any suggestions/tips? I can't find any info about the lock in the read-me. Thanks!
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