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  1. I just wish you would write all that crap 2-3 days ago so I wouldn't have to put up with your insulting replies - I thought that maybe it's how you write but it turns out things are much worse. You respond like I demand you to fix anything ASAP (not the case, a sane person can see that) and you just assume because your buggy port does not run it's somehow the user's fault and his lack of knowledge. What's really worse is that you don't really read the problems reported : it's either you can't understand or you don't want to understand. That is apparent by the same "disk cache advice" over and over again like a broken record, if you actually read what I report you'd stop mentioning that. It seems pointing out stuff that don't work just triggers you (at least 50% of them since for the other 50% you say you found the cause), I don't want to do that to you so rest assure you won't hear from me again. ...just don't act surprised again in the future why noone reported bugs to you , it is apparent from this thread why nobody does that , your attitude really does not help. I'm signing off for another 6 years or so, feel free to write some more insults or maybe a rant how you offer a free thing and people are ungrateful - whatever suits you best.
  2. I don't know how allegro for DOS works and why it is coded (or you) that you can change output hz with a simple game reload but when you need to enable ym3812 it needs a whole emu reload. When testing and one sees that HZ change happens with a game reload then one assumes that a lesser option like ym3812 will work this way. Apparently not - that's an insane logic. Well not gonna bother more with it, it is what it is. As for the game list speed you seem to completely ignore what I wrote: that the same raine setup with the same 12 roms (actually the same directory zipped and transferred) on the 200mmx machine takes 2 seconds to load - and that is without any disk caching , the HDD led hadrly works on the 200mhz machine whereas on the 233mhz one it catches fire. So you have a 200mhz pc that is slower in emulation and way faster in loading the game list and a 233mhz pc that is really slow in loading the list but faster in emulation. And I will mention once again that 200mhz and 233mhz machines only have different the cpu speed - components are same between them. So could there maybe be a bug or a routine that crashes on the 233mhz machine and it needs to repeat many times until it works? But I did try with 8MB cache, 233mmx machine now loads the 12 game list in 39.5 sec. I will also like to point out that I am trying to provide genuine feedback here and not start a flamewar. If I didn't like raine/dos I wouldn't waste time testing stuff and reporting them here. edit: I forgot to mention that a 12 game list and a 189 game list need the same 39.5 seconds to load on the 233mhz machine with 8mb disk cache. edit2: Dangun Feveron crashes the emu on load. One time it crashed before the game starts after pressing "Play Game" and another after the copyright screen. Fever SOS crashes after copyright screen. edit3: Donkey Kong crashes the sound engine , the game info panel reports "Sound: Sound Blastrer;00kHz" . Running it from the command like with "raine dkong" does the same thing. Frogger , Galaxian (Namco set 1) and Galaxian Part X do the same. I can see a message in the top left corner saying "Emulator init failed" edit4: last one for today, Jumpinf Pop has gfx glitches that stay throughout the game Also what kind of snapshots work in raine now? I have tried pcx files according to the old docs (130x76 for horizontal games, and 70x120 for vertical games) but I don't see them in gui. Is the feature disabled? changed? Path is correct in raine.cfg btw
  3. @Tux Good to see that some bugs are getting fixed, nice. Regarding the game list, in 0.51 it's fast with the same amount of games. The latest version you posted is really slow with the same amount of games. I haven't tested any other versions except 0.51 and the very latest you posted in this thread. Infact I just measured it: - very last binary you posted here takes 48seconds to load a 12 game list - HDD constantly works - 0.51 with 162 games takes 1.5-2secs to display the list Regarding the ym3812 , before starting labeling "people like me" it would be a good idea to do a self-check: a. you don't provide documentation b. you don't provide any message in the emu saying that changing this option requires an emu restart c. you don't provide constant emu behavior: changing output Hz requires a game reload , changing YM3812 option requires an emulator reload I can understand that writing docs now is boring but at least a message at the sound options shouldn't be that hard. @theelf I find it really hard to understand why your 200mmx gives you +20fps in CPS1 games . I assume you did try in-game and not just menus/intros right? Because these are 60fps for me as well. The only way I can get 60fps in-game is if I don't use a sound driver (SILENCE sound driver selected). Please download the benchmark suite posted here: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=37844 and post your results here. In said thread there are also submitted results on google docs from many other users, my results are more-or-less the same as what other people submitted with 200/233mmx setups so it's not a case that I use some really crappy mobo that is slow... it would be interesting to see what results you get in games, the whole benchmark process is automated and settings are the same among anyone that runs it. edit: regarding the speed of the game list: I have an identical setup to my 233mmx pc (same mobo/bios version/ bios settings/vga/soundcard/ram/dos setup) but with a 200mhz mmx cpu. So I took the latest raine setup (same as 233mhz one) and run it on the 200mhz pc. List loading is the same as 0.51: fast and no HDD working all the time. Could it be a timing issue of some sorts because of the extra +33mhz? The 233mhz pc is faster in emulation as expected but 20x slower when it comes to load the game list. If there are any info I can provide that help solve this I'll gladly provide them.
  4. I see, didn't knew about the SB16 ym3812 issue. Emulated doesn't work either. DOSBox is not the same as a real DOS pc, things that run OK in DOSbox crash on real hardware and vice versa... As I understand there is no real interest to fix the DOS version if the "bug" is too serious, is there a point to continue in posting what I find? It seems that 0.51 behaves better in my case, even the game list shows in 2-3 seconds instead of 30+ .... maybe new sound/video libs have their problems too , is there a chance you stick to older ones?
  5. I am using a SB16 that has an OPL3 chip - it's not OPL2 but it should work, right? Snow Bros doesn't want to work for me with either YM3812 options, same as music in Bubble Bobble. (tested bubble with 0.51 music does work there) I also have a suggestion regarding the "Change Game" option. It's really slow as it scans every time the roms as far as I can see. Could an option for a manual scan be added? That way a pre-saved list would be saved/read , making things faster. Ofcourse you'll have to manually refresh the list but it's better than waiting 45secs each time... edit: also hitting P in any game to pause it crashes raine and dumps me back to DOS edit2: "Battle Bakraid unlimited version" does a weird thing - I get a scrolling list with offsets that keeps counting like this: offset 300331 offset 300332 .... offset 300401 and so on... edit3: "Blood Bros" has no sound at all, mixer says "no stream allocated". Sound works in other games ofcourse. edit4: Tried "Bonze's Adventure" the game has too loud sounds when all other games I tried are too silent... is there a global mixer setting or something? edit5: Cabal has some wrong screen colors, each time a bullet destroys a wall a player can hide the sfx playing is very strange... edit6: "Cookie and Bibi" loads fine but crashes the emulator when I press play.
  6. ^ nice , a look is better than no look in the meantime I wanted to play an old favorite, Snow Brows... it loads fine but I get a repeated "free timers overflow!" message on screen, is there a way to bypass this?! edit: also Bubble Bobble doesn't have music?
  7. regarding sound and ISA , I made a thread about Raine on Vogons forum and user Jorpho posted that MPXPLAY contains sound drivers + source to initialize onboard and pci sound cards under DOS... maybe that is of interest to implement?
  8. gotcha on the romsets I assume you can't fix gus because you don't have one, right? Also a question on VBE extensions, what is better to use if your vga support all VBE2/VBE2_linear/VBE3? edit: Solved the 400x300 deal with the freeware now univbe ... didn't get a speedboost tbh, not even setting depth to 8bit gave me a speed boost. I am cpu bounded apparently
  9. Just tried this latest version with my 233mmz setup. GUS does not work, I have a classic and all I hear is some static. SB is OK but volume is low, dunno if there is a button for that - need to actually read the docs CPS-1 games run at ~40fps average - they do go to 50s and 33s at times CPS-2 games are below 40fps NeoGeo are better, metal slug 1 tends to stay above 50 almost all the times simpler games like P-47 and gals panic are 60fps suprisingly pang was below 20fps... What roms do I need for this version? the latest mame ones? or some older version? I want to test some more games but I get rom errors... All the above are with a riva128zx/vbe3 (or vbe2/linear) and SB16 @11khz (because there is a difference) Really nice job on the emulator , I am truly impressed as I had no idea Raine had such a good DOS port! I know I can't expect much from my machine but even being able to play the classics is a big deal! Kudos on that! If I can help in any way please tell me. ps: is it possible to make 400x300 resolution available for VBE2/3 extensions? it should help a little ... IIRC callus allowed that (yeah I was quite the big fun of bloodlust's emulation trio back in the day, it blew lots of us away) and it did help because fewer pixels is faster in old machines...
  10. That's no problem, I do have 128MB of ram. Basically I am using extracted DOS from win98SE that has both FAT32 support and himem/emm386 "see" memory beyond 64mb , I am left with ~126MB of free XMS after DOS boots.
  11. just posting to give my support for the DOS version, will be testing and reporting with my p1/233mmx setup , I wonder how many games play at full speed on this
  12. is there already a way to run the console cores without any filters , only with point filtering?
  13. I am writing to request some features to be added in CoinOps2: a. the option to completelly disable any kind of video filtering (hardware and software , only Point Filter used) in the console cores of CoinOps2 and future versions b. the option to choose per-game resolution , ie the option to use 480p resolution in mame games that run out of memory in 720p hopefully those would be easy/usefull requests, thanks!
  14. awesome, they do show up under "arcades" section... it did not cross my mind to look there TBH, I always thought they would be under the Home section... thanks for the info BritneysPAIRS!
  15. Hmmm, they should show automaticly, they show on mine... Ensure you have MI_6Doom2, MI_7FinalDoom and MI_8FinalDoom2 in the roms folder and the doom wads in the doomWADS folder then try and rescan the games again eveything is in place they don't show in the list, I have 2228 games there and I have tried re-scanning... I even listed all games alphabetically (in case I just don't see them) but they are nowhere to be found. I am using the untouched coinops2 package that I downloaded from KAT... edit: here are some pics showing the files and game list
  16. Hiya! I have the full CoinOPS2 release (~25gb) but DOOM, DOOM2 , TNT and PLUTONIA does not show up in the game list. How do you setup the emu to show them? wads are in /doomwads/ and the pointers in the /roms/ dir... but not in the game list thanks!
  17. Anyone knows where is the option to disable screen filtering in consoles? I have all video filter options to DISABLED and flicker-filter to 0 , arcade games are fine but console ones have a bilinear filter... what do I need to change? thanks for any help!
  18. @BritneysPAIRS: do you consider making per-game settings ? or maybe an extra setting like: run this game in <resolution> where you choose 480p/720p/etc ? take for example DoDonPachi , it will not run if you are in 720p mode (not enough mem) but if you switch to 480p it runs fine... with a per-game resolution option this could be done automatically and transparent edit: I notice that GBA games run with frameskip, isn't the emulator fast enough to be full speed?
  19. can't wait to actually get coinops2, it is nowhere to be found , have checked the usual places... hope we finally get a source!
  20. I am always amazed by the new coinops releases... keep up the good work!!!! I don't fully understand who are these people you are talking about BritneysPAIRS , but why bother? your work brought xbox emulation to a whole new level tbh! keep it up man!
  21. can't wait to try the showcase version! thanks!!!
  22. more than 1 cores in coinops? that would be AWESOME! can I ask what snes "engine" you are using ???
  23. basically for now the X360 cannot be used for homebrew/emulators ... even the snes9x achievement is a somewhat proof-of-concept , it involves much work and a x360 _without_ the last update...
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