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  1. Street Fighter Hadoken 720p - Final Burn Legends Skin Released 1/6/12 By Mr Feud Hi guys, here is my Street Fighter “Hadoken” themed skin I made for Final Burn Legends arcade emulator. I kept the original FBL logo because I liked the look of the original logo with the skin. The skin looks best when viewed with the game title and the video, to view just make sure your game title screen shots are located in the folder called “shots 1” located in the main final burn legends emulator folder. The skin comes with different mainmenus, rombrowsers and option screens each with a different look also it comes with dashboard icons that you can use but you have to copy them over to the emulator main folder and rename them default.tbn. All of these are located in the folder called “EXTRAS” located in the skins main folder so you can customise the look of the skin. To use them just choose which one you want to use and copy it over to the skins main folder overwriting the one that’s currently in there, with the exception of the dashboard icons that you have to rename to default.tbn Also located in the extra’s folder is 4 different music tracks that accompany the theme of the skin, so again depending on which one you want to use just select it from the music folder and copy it over to the skins mainmenu folder overwriting the music that is already in there, or you can use your own themes up to you. Also the skin also comes with an animated mainmenu video from the street fighter II Manga that I edited, that goes well with the theme of the skin. Hope you enjoy the skin Hadoken 720p skin - Features - Four different main menus - AKUMA, BISON SAGAT, KEN - Three different Rombrowsers – RYU, GEN, CAMMY - Three different option screens – RYU STAGE, RAIN CLOUDS, LIGHTNING AKUMA - Four different music tracks - Custom animated main menu video - Logo’s for XBMC, wide and normal - Skin supports single screen or dual screen on rombrowser music tracks listing 1 – Akuma Remix 2 - Ryu theme - “Street fighter II animated movie” 3 - Ryu theme - orchestrated version 4 – Street fighter V - theme here are some rough mockups of the mainmenu's and rombrowsers RYU SAGAT AKUMA KEN here are the rombrowsers mockups M.BISON GEN CAMMY Option screens example The default theme has RYU and Bison, but try the different combinations of screens, for e.g the "Akuma" mainmenu, "Gen" rombrowser and "Akuma" option screen go together nicely with the "Akuma" theme music, but the choice is yours download link http://mir.cr/1148ETHA hope you enjoy
  2. That game looks great, nice animation. Looks very much like "Metal Slug" which is no bad thing at all Nice work on getting it working in FBL
  3. hi there, Someone linked me to this forum. Thanks for your interest in this unfortunately i don't actually own an Xbox 1 + XDK any longer so i really cant help with this :\ as far as multi-slot loading on a 128mb xbox goes..it might be possible but let me put it into perspective for you. Even on a 512Mb Xbox 360 loading 6 of the larger NeoGeo roms will use up all available memory. Hi lantus, nice to see you here. Sorry for the confusion I kinda guessed that it would be impossible for multislot loading on xbox 1. However I was actually thinking of whether it would be possible for selection of Neogeo CD games intergrated into the gui for final burn legends for xbox 1 users. I know that it was something +T+ was interested in aswell.
  4. Sorry, I meant more specifically a way of selecting NeoGeo CD emulation on the gui
  5. Would be nice if Lantus helps implement this into Final Burn Legends aswell, for xbox 1 users.
  6. Was the source code for "Modeler v0.9.3a" ever released? Its quite an old emulator now but it ran the sega system 32 games perfect, (Golden axe - Revenge of Death adder, Spiderman etc) would be quite a good project for an xbox port.
  7. Hi +T+ Was just wondering will we ever see a possible release of Final Burn Consoles with the added Neogeo CD funtionality in the future? thanks keep up the great work
  8. Hi guys, I noticed quite abit of slowdown in "Growl", seems to be running abit sluggish
  9. Would love to see Neogeo CD games working under a final burn GUI, also would love to see Golden axe 2 revenge of death adder, but I remember iq_132 saying that it would be really hard or near impossible to add it in, and especially with a good fps. Shame really cause its such a good game.
  10. Thanks very much for this Its difficult for me to make SD versions as I dont have a crt tv to test it out. I've added this to the first post and updated the links also.
  11. Hi guys Just changed the original link to make a complete version with the update v1 already installed, so no need to copy over any update files its already done. The reason I'm doing this is because it saves people downloding 2 files and keeps everything complete in 1 file so I recommend downloading the new link which is about 59mb. its my fault for not uploading the correct version on the original halloween release date, sorry about that. so the link on the first post for "Ghouls and Ghosts 720p + update v1" is the best version to get. My apologies for the confusion
  12. Hi guys thanks very much for the comments, I updated the skin and added a link to the first post, I wasnt quite happy with some parts of the skin, so I went back and cleaned, sharpened and fixed afew things. Including a new mainmenu video. Update 1 includes - fixes and tidyups to the mainmenu and rombrowser, new versions look better and more clear. - fixed a glitch to the green logo's icons. - re-edited the main menu video, includes fixes and more artwork. - also added SD versions of the improved rombrowser and mainmenu Installation Just copy them over the top of the old ones for the update to work. If you like the skin I would definitely recommend getting the new update as it fixes afew things that I wasnt able to do before the halloween release date. thanks
  13. Hi everyone Just to let you know the link is at the bottom of the first post, sorry for the delay but least its here just before the end of Halloween hope you enjoy the skin thanks
  14. Fantastic, looking forward to try it! Would someone be kind enough to pm me a link for the new release as I have to test my new skin out ready for release today.
  15. Hi there Its Halloween time and here is a skin for Final Burn Legends, themed on Ghouls and Ghosts and in time for Halloween release date, the skin is 720p and comes with HD menu's and rombrowsers. It supports both single screenshot or dual screenshots or video it dosen't support Marquees, that will be for another skin coming soon . I have also included an SD rombrowser and mainmenu you only have to use one in case you want to use the image viewer for arcade flyers etc (else you will get white screen of death). These can be located in the folder called "extras" which you will find in the skins folder. Also located in the extras folder is different coloured logos in case you wanted either green or red animated logo's your choice this includes icons, logo's and splashscreens in either red or green and a bonus music track Also included is the xbmc icon in both normal or large sizes. here is some rough mockups, green font animated logo red font animated logo rombrowser special thanks to Neil222 /cbagy for info and support over at emuxtras link to skin with added update v1 Ghouls and Ghosts 720p + update v1 SD version Ghouls and Ghosts + update v1 (SD version) submitted by BarbieOnWeed Above links for Skin are already patched/updated to v1 of the skin updates notes Added update v1 date - 5/11/11 Update v1 includes - fixes and tidyups to the mainmenu and rombrowser, new versions look better and more clear. - fixed a glitch to the green logo's icons. - re-edited the main menu video, includes fixes and more artwork. - also added SD versions of the improved rombrowser and mainmenu thanks
  16. I just want "Golden Axe II revenge of death adder" working on xbox without any graphics glitches, thats the only game that I really wanted to see on xbox over the past few years.
  17. Thats good news, did you get it working with music also?
  18. I'd like to play rayman on xbox also, does it work with the music? please send me a pm. thank you
  19. Great looking skin, as it happens I was actually working on a "last blade" themed skin for Final Burn also Looking forward to try your final burn skin out.
  20. Possible to add a bg music selector for the gui? For e.g you can put your mp3's somewhere and select music track1, track2 etc from the gui
  21. I agree Double Dragon without any slowdown is really a nice gaming experiance, I even have the actual Jamma board of the game so I know the slowdown does exist. But I loved playing it on Coinops because the game ran soo smoothly with not one bit of slowdown. It really is the best way to play Double Dragon which is without the actual arcade slowdown. I think if we relied on the emulation to be accurate for the xbox we would be missing alot of games that we currently have including cps3 and games that used much vmm etc and games iq_132 fixed the drivers for etc. So its good to cut corners on accuracy for xbox because its running on old hardware and leave accuracy for the PC versions. It helps when we have a chance of getting a better gaming experiance on our good old xbox's and we are lucky with what we have
  22. Nice thanks, I'll hang on for the next release then to release my skins as they kinda need the animated logo. Although I just started working on one that will use the arcade marquee aswell I just tried it and I see what you mean its very slow in FBL. But I don't know what you mean when you say Double Dragon runs bad in Coinops, If I remember correctly Double Dragon ran perfect in Coinops because iq_132 fixed all the slowdown issues.
  23. Is there any way to get the animated logo back? and lose the marquee feature? I know Neil222 skin looks awesome with the marquees on the rombrowser But the only reason I ask is because I have about 4-5 FBL skins that I was about to release, but none of them were designed with the marquee feature in mind, and I can't seem to go back to the animated logo on mainmenu and rombrowser. Would be cool if we had a choice to either display marquees or have the animated logo.
  24. Would that be the folder called "Media" ? inside the FBL directory?
  25. Have a problem when I switch skins, the animated logo dissapears on the mainmenu and rombrowser on the skin I load, can't find animated logo under gui options. Also video dosen't display on mainmenu, Its like the emulator loads up half of the config of the default skin and applys it to the skin that you switch to. anyone else had this problem when switching skins?
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