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***** CoinOPS 2 R2 Standalone *****




Nintendo 64 HD support (user definable)

Pixel Perfect Support for Consoles...new one click Aspect Correction and Pixel Perfect settings

New Sort by Split Name and Sort by Merged Name

New Sort by Name and Console.......Sorts it by Arcades...then Commodore 64...Game Boy..... fast Jumps Arcade A...Arcade B............to....Arcade Z....then Commodore 64...Gameboy.........

Support for more Arcades, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64

Fixed alot of Arcade games for the new pack

Added bublbobu (Bubble Booble ultimate)

Bug Fixes


Better support for SoRr


Updated doccumentation

Matched to the new Update Pack with 250games coming in the next few days......

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note alot of work is going in on a new Nintendo 64 core....this will give you it in SD and HD but must be configured....if anyone wants to help in testing let me know....the core is undergoing alot of changes as its not sturctured well for CoinOPS at present...but this should work and work well for all users...read the readmes if you want to test a game in HD as it needs a file to turn it on...alot of games crash in HD at present....im clearing memory and other things to improve this


this should play all you want including Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Z-Zero 64, Starfox 64, Pilot Wings, Banzoo K, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Sin and Punishment..... and more and alot of them in HD

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