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OK locking this down as well...this stuff is boring now....the thread that was locked was the one you kept spamming with waal...the request for next release thread...now your spamming this one so im locking it down



as I say you hurt normal people....you claim inocence but ive seen 5 people say they have a problem with you sparda and some of them are the most respected....they wont say this to you again just behind closed doors...do you really think waal is respected???

make you mind up yourself to me things are obvious and dont need explaining if they do then im not your man and nor are the others....I know people are sorry you joined here its up to you to change that not me or anyone else as you said we dont control you....

waal is the only person in 6 plus years to ever get banned for a time....the only one and you alot of the time sound much like him..then try and sound nice on the next line....that is wierd at least waal is constantly an idot


private forum is where stuff is happening this week for release

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