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  1. Just wanted to check I get the right thing. Assuming I downloaded the full coingops 2 with all its arcade machines and console games. Is this the new download I want and do I just install it over the top of the last one? Cheers
  2. lol - I'm not going to get drawn into an argument, but its real easy to see how this thing has dragged on for soooo long. Civil input met with abuse. Sad. There are going to be no winners here. Definitely yes. Best for both of you to shut your mouth.
  3. Heres an idea. 1. BP just ignore anything he considers 'off topic' and not respond or mention it or the posters in anyway 2. Those that have issues with him accept he's not going to change and stop posting (It must be becoming clear, it is not going to resolve how you wish) 3. Any owners of software that think their rights have been infringed take it up personally with BP. Or am I over simplifying things?
  4. When you say 'release forum' do you mean its available somewhere? Just want to make sure I don't miss it.
  5. Als0 looking forward to the update Where is the best place to check i don't miss it. This one or the locked development thread? In terms of emulators has anyone mentioned the Amstrad464 yet - or is that to far off the console emulator path? (I can see why it would be) I spent way too long playing "hunchback" on that thing than I should have - friends would make a special strip over to my house to see the 'step up' in graphics over my spectrum. Played in recently in an emulator and it was exactly as I remembered it (apart from being terrible)
  6. Having said I probably wont be posting again, here I am. Two reasons 1. Finally got everything installed and running great. Truly a fantastic effort. Thanks to all concerned. 2. Personal message to BP. I've ran a forum with 20,000+ members for coming up to 10 years. I know what its like when you are the main name associated with something. There will always be a very vocal small minority that claim to speak for the whole of the 'scene' Believe me its rubbish. the fact is if you've got a good product for the majority, which coinops most certainly is, then you and your services will be around for a very long time. Even if occasionally your guard slips a little due to the vocal few trying to whip nothing up into a world level crisis/end of the world scenario the truth is the majority will see it for what it truly is, people that get a kick or some sort of fulfillment by making something out of nothing. This is not the ridiculous question of whether 'the scene will tolerate you' its really a question of 'how long you can tolerate the scene' I personally hope its a long while as you are doing a great job and contributing more more than the haters ever will. 'The scene' will appreciate your work for as long as you are prepared to offer it, regardless of the disillusioned vocal few that think they have a mandate to talk for the 'people' and demand how you should chose to donate your time and energy. You don't sound like the type of guy that needs reassurance, but I thought I'd offer it all the same. Personally I think 'the scene' is getting less and less tolerant of those vocal few - but I'm intelligent enough to know I can't possibly say I represent the whole 'scene' anymore than they can. Keep up the good work. Cheers
  7. I read the post. For me though the bottom line is, if BP or anyone takes the time to build something, collate it and make it available then its theirs to do with what they like. If they only want to make it available in a particular format , or distribute if via a certian methog, so be it. If I don't like it then I just go somewhere else. For me there is no argument, it just the same as every other bit of software I buy. I get it and use it if it does what I want, if it doesn't do that for me and a bunch of other people, fair enough, I'll go and get something else. In that instance I might be disappointed but thats life. I don't get angry over it and I don't start hassling the guy that put it together. I've only been on here for a couple of days, I've got what I wanted, I'm grateful and now if all goes well, you'll probably won't be hearing from me again - just saying that so I don't get accused of being 'friends' with anyone or 'sucking up' - I have no need of either. Its just my view.
  8. Cool thanks - simple as that - the entire content into that one folder. I got a bit confused because when I started looking in the config files and ini files there where references to several different partitions, like this bit from mame.ini ### Windows path and directory options ### rompath D:\RomsMIDWAY samplepath D:\SAMPLES inipath D:\;T:\;D:;T:.;ini cfg_directory D:\cfgMIDWAY nvram_directory D:\nvramMIDWAY hiscore_directory T:\hi history_file history.dat mameinfo_file mameinfo.dat #memcard_directory E:\Games\Emulators\Mame\memcard #input_directory E:\Games\Emulators\Mame\inp #state_directory E:\Games\Emulators\Mame\sta #artwork_directory E:\Games\Emulators\Mame\artwork #snapshot_directory E:\Games\Emulators\Mame\snap Obviously lots of the directors are just not there? E:\Games\Emulators\Mame for example is just not in the download as far as I can see. Does it expect something already to have been installed before you install coinops?
  9. Sorry to be a noob but I'm new to coinops with this release. Is there a simple install guide somewhere for us first timers? I've got various emulators and roms already on my xbox but I really want to make a clean start on this one and make a dedicated 'coin-ops' box so any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. @blank - thanks for the download manager app tip. All those problem files have come down with no issue at all now. Thanks again for making the files available in this way.
  11. Hi Blank Thanks for looking into it. I've signed up for a 30day premier account just to get this download. I don't think its limited in anyway as I've downloaded later parts with no problem (basically when its stalled I've just moved to the next one in the list) I'm just using firefox to download, although I've tried and got the same problem, on the same files in Chrome too. Hope that helps Chris WOW!! I just checked my MU account, and it is getting a lot of traffic. Over 400 downloads for one of the files. I checked the numbers you listed and they seem to be getting downloaded so I don't think its an issue with the link. Do you have an account? since I know they limit the # of downloads you can get per day or something like that. Also, are you using the MegaManager or just using your browser?
  12. I now I'm new - treat me gentle. This whole package looks ace - fantastic job BP I installed a variety of of emulators on my xbox for the first time a few weeks ago and i really got the bug. Now I'm well on my way to building a dedicated cabinet. Came across coinops by following lots of links and it looks better by far so kicked off a torrent download. Not complaining but it was taking ages (7gb in 6 days, rates between 7k per sec, upto 500k - very up and down) I've uploaded much more than I've downloaded so far. Was pleased to see the MU option so kicked that off as an alternative this morning and got 10gb down so far which is ace - thanks blank for that. I'm having a couple of issues on getting some of the files though, parts 3, 10 and 13 have all 'stalled' a few mb in. I've tried through a couple of networks and browsers and they all get so far and then stop. Is anyone else having issues or am I just doing something wrong. All the other parts, up to 15 so far have come down quick and with no probs. Cheers chris
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