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  1. not sure, psx works well for me i'm using coinops 2 full pack updated to r7 by over writing the files.... everything works well.
  2. Double Dragon works fine in Coinops, has for some time now. I play it regularly.
  3. Now look what you fools have done! Thanks so much!
  4. not me, it worked for me
  5. sweet jesus, scanlines, yes.
  6. pixel perfect is awesome, thanks
  7. Thanks BP and yes firstCabber, whack it over the other one!
  8. nifty, almost bubble bobble time! Thanks BP
  9. So is it settled, everyone will stop fighting if it gets an About Coinops option where you can see credits and so on? The idea of having the emulator used after each game is going overboard but an About Coinops is a nice idea and those who care will use it, most won't but at least it's there if people want to know who did what.
  10. I agree, an about box is fine, listing it after each and every game is crazy. Credit where credit is due but not going overboard. Usually a readme is enough as in the end most people don't care who did what, they just want to use it.
  11. release time? did I hear release time? shoosh waal you're slowing the works!
  12. I honestly can't wait, especially for the bubble bobble! Thanks!
  13. my understanding is you just need your xbox set to use HD and the correct advance hd cable running to your tv.
  14. I don't have an xbox to usb adapter
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