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NOTE for new you tube video...to get Tekken 3 to load...keep pressing start when it boots...then it will work.... :D


if anyone wants to be in the update team for CoinOPS 2 let me know it currently has 300 odd new games in it...so these upgraded arnt for the faint hearted


Thanks. I'll try it later tonight.

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2.gaiapolis needs the driver updated.


I'm not sure if that needs a driver update. I've gotten that to play on my Trusty Xbox. It could be an issue with the virtual memory settings or that it just needs the faster CPU and additional RAM.

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yes alot of that works now...just needs ram upgrade....gaiapolis works with extra ram...ddcrew works with xtra ram...or requires vm hookup....


anyways non e of this stuff will be looked at till 2.2 when I get home tonight ill release the release info

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mortal kombat ultimate works in the full package....if you drag everything from the new build 95 percent will work in the old build....its just missing some driver tidy ups and some of the new games...and features....but 95 percetn of games work and 90 percent will work the same as the new CoinOPS 2.1 its just missing fixes updates and new game drivers....

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Denjin Makai is running in Full CoinOPS 2 as per euro one called Guardians


Night Slasher yes I know ill fix that at some point...the non blood version works fine....


Joystick can be remaped as per the readme...you need to enable the setting to enable default gamepad remapping and press left or right thumbstick as per readme...or button and features in CoinOPS 2 emu


Thanks to reply my question~ :D^_^

but,I Think Denjin Makai not called Guardians :D

here is Denjin Makai



Denjin Makai=Denjin makai 1

rom name=denjinmk.zip


Guardians=Denjin Makai 2

rom name=grdians.zip


and a sfc gaiden game

name=Ghost Chaser Densei .zip


I test following game out of memory or crash







Thank you~

if you want to play the blood version of nightslashers then just go into the advanced settings in coinops and turn on/enable the vmm(virtual memory).then try the game it should load this time.

just make sure and turn off vmm when you finish playing the game.

as for the ohter games.

1.denjin makai needs the driver updated.

2.gaiapolis needs the driver updated.

3.dd crew needs virtual memory hooked up to it(think it should load with upgraded ram)

4.shienry and sokyurentai are both sega saturn based arcade games and will not work on mame on xbox,BUT you can play both the ps1 ports on pcsxbox.the ps1 ports of these games are really good.

4.raidiant silvergun see above.


Ok, I see, thank you~

Thank You CoinOPS 2 BP~

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Hi all very new to this. I bought a xbox off a mate which has a old version of mamedox which isnt even complete etc...


I was linked to this website and was wondering what i have to download to put this on my xbox?


Was version is best to get or should i wait till theres a full release?


Very new to this and sorry if this has been covered :D


But I would love to have this running in my xbox connected with my xarcade to the cabinet :D

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Is it possible?

When entereing button config (press left thumb) from here to make an other button to remap(SERVICE MENU or DIP). By default this button will be disabled.


Or... When pressing left thumb to choose different options: Button config, screen size, servise menu.... All in one button like FBA legends.

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Hey BP...for some reason when I start games it doesn't detect the buttons sometimes.


Ex: I will play street fighter just fine, then try to play NBA jam and it won't read my 1p controls. I go into the in-game button configs and it will still show the previous setup I had for the game, so I change one or two buttons and everything works again.


It actually happens a lot. TIA

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