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CoinOPS Reignite X + Showroom LOAD bugs


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geez, i haven't been here for awhile & when i come back you are still being a fucking ass bp/coinops whatever...

why don't you just answer the question? why does everything have to be such drama for you?

you are the coder for coinops are you not...?

it really isn't hard to see why people give you such a hard time.

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others know whats what :D so im leaving for them (even if I think they are useless newbes and have no skills, they ague that im the prick)....they are the wankers that wont leave


you didnt read the posts in this thread before I could help and they are there to read and easy to do so, so this place is full of cocks this makes me carry on without them....and we all know ill get further than they will so its all good for me.....this is so much more fun than actually developing in a room full of picks..... now it happens without them and the newbe can talk shit all they like and get no where....


lifes good being a quoted fucking ass..... you guys have collectively killed everything you have touched (I warned a few times that this would happen to xbox scene and it did all I see there now is CoinOPS questions only newbes to help them) I left xbox scene its and its pretty much dead now not due to me leaving but due to wankers that want control over the scene who cant help and have no idea...and when i leave here id say the same will happen... but while the wankers are here ill continue to work in peace....


im fine with it and you guys should be as well as ive told you so so many times..... as people love to bite the hand that feeds them , not listen and continue to blame people like little children, my stuff carries on as other know and even having some say in it, and ive threaten long enough to the pricks...... no more mister nice guy


If you guys run with these people then suffer the consiquences......its up to you guys to decide who can help you and who are the prices...who has given the scene many things and who are whinging know it all brats......its time to decide and I already have decided.... I wish everyone the best if they decide bigby and cba are awsome and correct and stand to say im the worst thing happening around here.....ill live and im perfectly fine with it...ARE YOU GUYS???


:) dont worry your in good hands it will soon be sorted....

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i just want to state again i have the same problem. i tried reverting to r5 when i wasnt having the problem but i had the problem then too. is there some sort of cache file i should try deleting? roms load mad slow!


and a word to the wise, if you ignore it it might go away (and im not talking about the roms loading slowly). giving attention just encourages some behavior.

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Works fine for me.


80gb PATA Maxtor 9. Softmod.


Used both my stock .84 sets and the one that came with X. Both work fine.


Sorry BP I haven't had time to test X out with the mouse and spinner.


Hope you found the time to keep the settings saved. ;)


I'm grateful for your efforts BP, even if the haters in this forum do not.


Well what can I say...children act like children, especially when they are not children. Why I do not know. :D


Keep up the excellent work BP.


Maybe next time you can realease your builds to the adults rather than the children. :)

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So Zeus, where are you man? What happened to that video? Why are so many others posting not offering any help while at the same time you're remaining silent? Why are you describing a problem that has only shown itself to happen on SATA drives and stock HDs?


Oh look, you just joined: Joined: 24-June 10. Interesting.


I switched from using a SATA to a standard IDE and this removed the issue of loading. Also, I tried an old pre-BP build of MAMEox and the same loading issue is present on a SATA HD, although its not as pronounced. It may be slightly slower on newer CoinOps versions due to its support for multiple systems.


Zeus, are you hiding out on Mount Olympus or are you a figment of another members imagination? I'm betting on the second choice there. :D


Also, BP is right, this type of petty bickering is killing this forum. Things are and will continue to happen behind the scenes and definitely off of this forum. Just an FYI, BP isn't bullshitting anyone regarding that.


Grow up guys.

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Also, BP is right, this type of petty bickering is killing this forum. Things are and will continue to happen behind the scenes and definitely off of this forum. Just an FYI, BP isn't bullshitting anyone regarding that.




That's exactly what I was waiting for: just get the f*** out and keep maintaining your lame patchwork between you, band of morons.

To re-establish the truth, and regular readers of this forum know that since many months and others can read the archives, many people lost interest because of Bold Paranoid's stupidities.

I could list all the great people, some were actual coders and releasers, that left during this year for whom the reasons were many but the origin was always unique. And the sum of these people far exceeds in quality your little gang of ass-lickers.

Edited by waal
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Can you upload a video of the loading problem you are experiencing? That would help.

Im runnin a custom Maxtor 80GB IDE 2MBcache, but HDD not the problem,



PhilExile, thanks for the ON TOPIC reply -

( No, im not up Mount Olympus -just working and a different timezone, i understand your trepidation seeing my recent join but ive browsed these forums before and understand that you need to be cautious, i assure you im just wanting some help. TO Everyone else that is trying to be a smart arse- please fuck off to another thread. I've browsed these forums before and know what you are trolling about- and im NOT interested. This is NOT an invitation to reply - thanks )


Now, back O/T....

I can make a vid but it will be over 60sec of blank screen. My first post describes what happens, i will get some more details taking note of my actions, screens, and time it takes for each change and post back soon.


Just tested loading roms from the same place using the GBA and Genisis xport engines and loads normal (fast), So my trouble-shooting seems to rule out hardware.


Can someone please list the U/T DATA folders that Dox/CoinOPs has used through out the years so i can make sure all are clean, thanks.

Edited by Zeuss
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