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CoinOPS Reignite X + Showroom LOAD bugs


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Good fine... what drive C E F or X Y Z was full...also try refilling it and see if the fault returns....


Ive never seen this fault that has been reported occassionally for years....alot more recently due to everyone I guess upgrading...ive never seen this on 150 plus xboxs so its up to you guys to fault find...it shouldnt be hard to work out the issue



PM - on a side note CBA your a complete moron ive told you many times its been around for years not 4-5 builds as you keep thinking you know whats happening but your the king of misinformation...everyone but you knows that I know alot more about what I say than you do...keep telling me and everyone the truth....and ill keep thinking this guys a moron that wont listen and why he fails so badly....when I left xbox scene to you within 1 or 2 months nearly everyone had switched over or left....thanks CBA for being you it helps me alot....if you where even close to knowing what was going on it would make life alot harder....


Everyone please listen to CBA hes on the ball :) as you all know....also cba you made your thread for this stuff whats up with your own thread lol the rats havent got rid of it.....they all talk secretly about the thread of your stuff and how we should take it out...we all are so paranoid as we dont know how to deal with such a threat...and we all think of other projects as threatning and must be stopped cause our own stuff couldnt possible complete


So CBA you made your thread stay on it and gather your crowds you get so many hits and you even change the votes and it makes look awsome one day someone will come to your threads :) and follow you .... I pitty those that do but could care less



PS my rep that you care about CBA and yet actively try and undermine everything I do is....


DONT USE MY STUFF IF YOU DONT WANT TO...IM HAPPY AS WITH IT AS ARE MY FRIENDS....THAT IS THE REASON ITS HERE....please if you have issues with me or my work PM CBA and get into his group and find a solution that better suits you....


if you help me out with this stuff as I cant as ive never ever seen it....do so...MSN me and ill step though all the things it could be with proper fault finding...and sort it...

NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME IF IT EFFECTS CONSOLE STUFF OR FBA STUFF.....THIS INPORTANT AND WHY IT WAS ASKED A FEW TIMES....if someone has this fault and want to sort it and has a few hours to do so properly PM....or better yet ask CBA to fix it as he seems to know when it started and whats happening...hes awsome


lol, same shit different day. Do you know what moron means ? Or is it one of your new buzz words this week ? Squirt !

Im sick of cleaning up/diagnosing your shite. You fix it, your the genius that's been working on it for years.

Hey "ALL" my stuff works flawlessly. Mods, emu's and everything.

Better still, why not re-write QueerOps from scratch (not copy n paste patched code) and then you will definately get things right. Then and only then will you become a real Developer and probably get a pat on the back.

Repainting an old car and re-badging it does not make one a car manufacturer. Any knob can do that.

LOL, TTFN back next week.

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lol sorry im newbe


PM Cba hes got a few builds in the works :)


PS I own you guys everytime in everyway and always have CBA....I know the truth hurts...but hey we are rats and bitchs lol thats was just awsome...see you killed xbox scene cheers for that ..... it didnt even take long

I know everyone looks forward to my stuff :) and the downloads dont drop....people love what ive done and it shows on every build...in truth I havent looked at this issue at all cause only one person I know ever saw this and followed my advice and it was gone the next day...its hard to copy and paste in all the new features that have never ever been there...and also fix all the cockups ive seen in other build....


PS i grab that surreal sources and that skin you had was the worst ive ever seen....the other one is so much better but its gone to now


that RX arcade build was the worst shit ive seen....even alot of the games dont work let alone all the other issues :) anyways ive seen no ones really using it compaired to other builds....so sorry cba I know your wrong from download figures etc anyways you can dream all you like you are succeeding but look at your own threads.....they make me laugh and with me there gone


So now blam CBA cause this threads gone now...I wont be back in which means with cba support it will soon be a dead thread hahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaa lol maybe im wrong lol

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aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where going down..........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As i've said before, there's no such thing as an RX Build, there never was, it's your grubby effort with video and artwork added. No Code changes. At least stand up to your own mistakes and stand by your work which you keep saying you do.

Only new builds reveal how bad the last version was which is why i lost interest last year.

So, ergo, i can already tell users that ShowCase is full of errors. We can summise this based on a 100% BP track record of multiple past bad releases. In fact i would reccomend people don't bother at all cause ShowCase XVIII will be on the horizon just after this version is being downloaded. I can also say that CoinOps 3000 will own them all as all previous releases were buggy as hell. On that note i would wait for CoinOps 4000 because the previous 2000 releases were buggy as hell. See a pattern emerging here ?


PS. No your not a newbie, which is why im always stunned at how slowly your personal deveopment has gone.

4 or 5 yrs working with the same code (which already worked as an emu). You've really not come far at all have you.

Not such a smart arse as you think you are, get some sleep anyway you have school in the morning.

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added 12000 games so far :) dam thats about 500 to 600 games per build..............feck im slow arse like cba says


Anyways as we all know cba and waal are newbes and trolls and im not so ill ignor them we all know its childs games as no one uses any other mame build now unless they dont know or are plan silly...ffor starters it misses 1000s of games...lots of features and 1000s of fixes for current games...... best of luck level one trolls


no xbox dev ive ever know has added there own games....mameox is mame sources so thanks to mame team...all final burn is thanks to iq...all xport code is other emulators ported over...I had to port nearly all the stuff over to mine if you actually think they just plug in then your wrong or else why doesnt everyone just drop every rom into any emulator they want...maybe that will work lol.....


ive never seen any xbox dev make mame drivers.....I own them everything and have never ever thought they arnt the kings of it all....I know they own.....

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The code is already out there for these roms as well you know.

In fact all your doing is adding other peoples work, hang on, this is all sounding familiar.

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