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  1. Do you know the ROM names? I'm trying to decide if I want to stream those or move them to the drive. Thanks, I need the Screenshots because I can't fit the videos on my factory drive.
  2. What are all the ROM names that are affected by the enable/disable of the 'Final Burn CPS2 Core' in advanced settings? Also, does anyone have a complete Screenshots for CoinOPS 2? Thanks.
  3. I would like to see SMB and/or NFS support for all cores & videos.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It's not working for consoles and I have a working path to arcades. This works for arcades not consoles. smb://workgroup/server/share/path/roms also tried this for consoles smb://server/share/path/roms What's the proper syntax for consoles?
  5. I've asked before, but not in this thread. I would like to have SAMBA (SMB Support) across all cores. Or even across most cores. And be able to stream the videos. Thanks. For anyone that has a NAS, this post I made a while back is still relevant to CoinOPS2 Also, if anyone else would like to see support for SAMBA, please speak up.
  6. Which prevents those of us with factory hard drives from enjoying the latest updates. Unless of course I could stream everything from my Server.
  7. Have there been any updates to SMB across all cores? What can and can't be streamed? I need to update from ShowROOM X and cobble together a streaming pack. Thanks.
  8. My vote for 'no lock'. Otherwise I can't update. Factory HD, so I can only use what will work with SMB.
  9. Just in case anyone else uses network streaming and are having this issue. Here's what BP helped me with. Go into Advanced and 'Disable' the Final Burn CPS2 Core. This will take care of the 'ROM Error: No Data Found' on Capcom & Fighting games. The following 13 roms will not stream and need to moved to xbox. CoinOPS\roms\ abcop cotton gforce2 gloc hsf2 kf10thep pdrift rchase smgp snowbro3 strkfgtr thndrbld toutrun2 The following 5 roms need to be renamed to lowercase: (Hint: this will actually benefit everyone as these don't scan at all until renamed, so you get 5 more games) Hellfire Ninjakun Pushmans Vastar Whizz Console roms (GBA_, SNES_, MDRIVE_) don't stream. Ignore them or move to xbox. CoinOPS\roms\ Rescan your games and you'll get 1215 working (- consoles) Thanks for the assistance BP. Now get to work on full SMB support across all cores. Oh yea, and SMB video preview.
  10. So with the latest release of CoinOPS, I've been working on getting the ROMs & Videos to stream from my NAS. I've been able to get most of the ROMs to stream. However, I've ran into some ROMs that do not stream. So far, I've found that these fail to load with the following error. ROM Error: No Data Found Press "A" to exit Power Drift (Sega) Galaxy Force 2 (Sega) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Capcom) Snow Bros 3 (Other) Are there some cores that do not support network streaming? The only thing I can think of why some work and others do not from same network path. Also, using the same network path to the videos, I don't get the Video Preview. Only a static image. I presume that's being pulled from the 'screenshots' folder. Any idea why streaming the Video Preview wouldn't work? Does it get it's path from anywhere other than the MAMEoX.ini in TDATA? All I have are factory hard drive sized boxes, so would like to get all the streaming working. Any help appreciated.
  11. Games: Dragon's Lair Space Ace Feature: XBMC SAMBA code
  12. All times I've posted are Minutes to load.
  13. Commando = 6:52 Ikari Warriors = 6:52
  14. Power Drift = 3:24 Galaxy Force 3 = 3:24 Street Fighter Alpha 3 = 3:32
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