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  1. tried them already. Ive moved almost all my saves and will move them back one by one as i need them, still dont know which folder conflicts (i think it might not be one of your old builds, i have tons of apps and dev stuff on this box) but at least with a clear UDATA/TDATA and disabling 'Info Tracking' the roms now load fine. Thanks for help, and if i find the conflict i will let you know.
  2. I didnt want to open 1000+ files, thats why i asked for list. Do you know have a list of the old places or not? (all mamedox/coinops)
  3. Thats exactly what i said ive already done, 3 times. once again: This proves its a conflict prob, yes i get it. I want to gone beyond that now and want to help ID the conflicting save for you. Please provide a list of previous build TDATA/UDATA folders, thanks (if you dont have/cant get the list please say so)
  4. 1) Ive tried 4d44515, 4d44516, babe**** any others? If you can post a list of previous build locations in TDATA/UDATA I will do the testing to find out if its old CoinOPS or something else 2) Nope, not that. works fine after clearing UDATA: 3) Nope, not that. works fine after clearing UDATA: please post a list of previous build locations in TDATA/UDATA. Cheers!
  5. BP, Dont know if you remember i helped with the slow load prob in RX (we discussed in PM ages ago!) With EPIC R6 recently I narrowed it down to a UDATA conflict (Not TDATA) Its NOT 4d44515, 4d44516 or babe..etc (whatever the old build folders were) removing these helped some people, but there is something else still conflicting Ive got about 1000 folders in my UDATA, when clearing it and fresh install Er6 all is good, when adding back the folders all is bad (4 minute rom load times!) So over the weekend I will try and narrrow it down to find the offending entry. I will post the results once i have them. - note: this only effects a very few people who happen to have the conflict, so dont everyone start crying and pointing fingers. Cheers! cmekki- leave your blank screen for 5mins and see if it then loads, you may have the same prob.
  6. OK, Ive done the same rom load with deleted T/Udata folders and can confirm snobros2 loads in 1:45!!!! Yay!!!! We know you have a data folder conflicting problem now. Hopefully you can identify the offending folders and update your install guides (i dont think advising everyone to delete ALL saves is a good idea, its a work-around not a fix) After using unleashX to FTP and then delete the folders the news one wirtten in both T&Udata after fresh run of Showroom LITE were: 0face008 babeeeee fefefefe Good luck
  7. sorry, my bad , swap snobro3 for snoros2 - after reading thread i went to emu and only had snobros2 in there. Hers is the video of snobros2 loadin (aboutr 4min mark you see progress bar) Im running, T/Udata test you suggested now (just waiting for FTP to finish) and will post results in a few mins...
  8. Sorry PhilExile, but your line of trouble shooting is firing the wrong direction, ive stated 3 times that mameDOX loads the same rom fast, and RX loads it slow - therefore couldn't be a fraged drive. Ive typed this 3 times in capitals and will do it again, experienced trouble shooters should be able to see this means the hardware is ok if the sofware is the only variable between a fast load and a slow load. DOX=Fast RX=Slow, again: THE ONLY VARIABLE IN MY TESTS WAS THE EMULATOR you see, if my hard ware was slow/faulty it would show in both emus not just one. I know a failing HDD when i smell one. .. and this is NOT it. ive made a vid, will up to youtube, but it just shows exactly as described below. so to your questions 1. see above 2. see above + all other apps/emus are fine 3. see above + all other apps/emus are fine + 10gig free 5. see above + see first post when i stated a fresh install ie: settings at default OK heres the exact synopsis: Just to be exact all my previous post related to Reignite X (as stated) Since lost post ive downloaded, FRESH installed Showroom LITE and encounted IT TOO has the "SRP" (Slow Rom Prob) - saves typing 1.) So from now on i will give results of Showroom LITE as thats what everyone else is testing with Sno Bros 3 2.) 0:00 CoinOPs Game select screen - Press button 2:01 CoinOPs Game select screen - turns to black screen 3:45 Black screen - turns to rom decompressing screen (progress bar) 4:02 Rom loaded ready to play 3.) 0.04 4.) 1.52 5.) SF3A = same resaults just add 2 secs to total X,Y,Z Drives were CLEARED Udata/Tdata babexxxx were CLEARED Hope this helps
  9. PhilExile, thanks for the ON TOPIC reply - ( No, im not up Mount Olympus -just working and a different timezone, i understand your trepidation seeing my recent join but ive browsed these forums before and understand that you need to be cautious, i assure you im just wanting some help. TO Everyone else that is trying to be a smart arse- please fuck off to another thread. I've browsed these forums before and know what you are trolling about- and im NOT interested. This is NOT an invitation to reply - thanks ) Now, back O/T.... I can make a vid but it will be over 60sec of blank screen. My first post describes what happens, i will get some more details taking note of my actions, screens, and time it takes for each change and post back soon. Just tested loading roms from the same place using the GBA and Genisis xport engines and loads normal (fast), So my trouble-shooting seems to rule out hardware. Can someone please list the U/T DATA folders that Dox/CoinOPs has used through out the years so i can make sure all are clean, thanks.
  10. Im runnin a custom Maxtor 80GB IDE 2MBcache, but HDD not the problem, DOX=Fast RX=Slow, again: THE ONLY VARIABLE IN MY TESTS WAS THE EMULATOR
  11. Both these release have a problem loading roms. 30-45sec from game select ... black screen........ 30-45sec rom load...... black screen... game starts. Before anyone says its my set up, ive done a clean install of mameDOX and run a rom - load took 15sec Deleted MameDox (and data folders), clean install Reignite X load rom from SAME PLACE - load took almost 2mins! THE ONLY VARIABLE IN MY TESTS WAS THE EMULATOR. any progress on squishing this bug? ive noticed others with the same prob around here, shame that the later version of CoinOPS have grown this fault, really like what the emu is trying to achieve.
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