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CoinOPS Reignite X + Showroom LOAD bugs


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whats your time to boot a rom?


and delte all saves including xbmc and finalburnlegends all of them reboot CoinOPS and then tell me the spped a game launches please?


do other cores load fast? as it could be the xtra size in xbe....as its 3 times the size now as mameox as it supports 12,000 to 13,000 games now in stead of 4,000. Theres some other things it could be....id need a proper forum to test and fix this as none of the 20 xboxs ive added it to does this....


so questions


1) do you have ShowROOM LITE?

2) if you do how long does street fighter alpha 3 take to boot...and how long does snowbro 3 take to boot

3) when you exit a game how long does it take

4) when you go shutdown how long does it take to shut down...from the start menu

5) have you deleted x y z cashe? as they may be full


PS for everyones info as if you want to delete the save in advanced settings is Rest Everything ... this will delete all saves etc....


I have 2 boxes and also have this slow ROM load anomaly. Here's my results, both on a factory hdd.


box 1

1) Yes

2) street fighter alpha 3 = 2:47 / snowbro 3 = 2:42

3) 2 sec

4) 2:37

5) Yes


box 2

1) Yes

2) street fighter alpha 3 = 3:32 / snowbro 3 = 3:27

3) 2 sec

4) 3:21

5) Yes


For consistency, times were taken with the Stopwatch @ http://www.online-stopwatch.com/large-stopwatch/


No change w/ or w/o XBMC. I've never used FBL.

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3econds is fine then.....its the time it should take to boot


Huh? :lol: It's taking 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes to load the stated ROMS. Where did you get 3 seconds from my post? 2 seconds is how long it takes to exit a game back to the ROM list.


I guess I'm the only one that suffers from this, so don't worry about it. I'll manage.

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Besides all the hair pulling and spitting n biting aside, i can't believe you've known of a problem for quite a few releases now ( probably 5 or 6 ) and haven't removed the problem.

Your a very dedicated man, to which i salute, but man (yes bad grammar using "but" after a comma) this is certainly not up to your standards.

Again, despite you and i biting lumps from each other for a laugh, i honestly feel your a real dedicated, keen, bloke.

Is this just an oversight on your part ? Or, end users with multiple install conflicts ?

Saying you've known about it for a long time and let users suffer is a little "weak" to say the least.

Your doing something very cool for a lot of end users here, your rep is on the line with every release.

Lot's of new users are having a twilight experience with the Xbox and you yourself constitute some of that resurgence.

The stuff being modernised and updated by yourself, Madmab, Kenshiro, FreakDave and others and obviously not forgetting top of the pile XPORT, will at some point keep on rolling in new formats on other machines.


On a side note, IF and i say "IF" you make an effort with the LightGun code over into the next release i will buy you a LightGun to work with. Theres nearly 60 roms that need attention. LCDTopGun works with all TV's. Period.

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hi, i have had the same problem. but its solved. i just make free space on the HD and now it loads in a few seconds. it seems that if you have a full or near full HD you got the loading problem.


i had only 300Megs of free space when i have the problem, now i have 500 MBs of free space and it loads and unloads roms in a few seconds.

i never installed mamedox or mameox, and i didnt delete de save folders


hope it helps

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Good fine... what drive C E F or X Y Z was full...also try refilling it and see if the fault returns....


Ive never seen this fault that has been reported occassionally for years....alot more recently due to everyone I guess upgrading...ive never seen this on 150 plus xboxs so its up to you guys to fault find...it shouldnt be hard to work out the issue



PM - on a side note CBA your a complete moron ive told you many times its been around for years not 4-5 builds as you keep thinking you know whats happening but your the king of misinformation...everyone but you knows that I know alot more about what I say than you do...keep telling me and everyone the truth....and ill keep thinking this guys a moron that wont listen and why he fails so badly....when I left xbox scene to you within 1 or 2 months nearly everyone had switched over or left....thanks CBA for being you it helps me alot....if you where even close to knowing what was going on it would make life alot harder....


Everyone please listen to CBA hes on the ball :lol: as you all know....also cba you made your thread for this stuff whats up with your own thread lol the rats havent got rid of it.....they all talk secretly about the thread of your stuff and how we should take it out...we all are so paranoid as we dont know how to deal with such a threat...and we all think of other projects as threatning and must be stopped cause our own stuff couldnt possible complete


So CBA you made your thread stay on it and gather your crowds you get so many hits and you even change the votes and it makes look awsome one day someone will come to your threads :lol: and follow you .... I pitty those that do but could care less

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PS my rep that you care about CBA and yet actively try and undermine everything I do is....


DONT USE MY STUFF IF YOU DONT WANT TO...IM HAPPY AS WITH IT AS ARE MY FRIENDS....THAT IS THE REASON ITS HERE....please if you have issues with me or my work PM CBA and get into his group and find a solution that better suits you....


if you help me out with this stuff as I cant as ive never ever seen it....do so...MSN me and ill step though all the things it could be with proper fault finding...and sort it...

NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME IF IT EFFECTS CONSOLE STUFF OR FBA STUFF.....THIS INPORTANT AND WHY IT WAS ASKED A FEW TIMES....if someone has this fault and want to sort it and has a few hours to do so properly PM....or better yet ask CBA to fix it as he seems to know when it started and whats happening...hes awsome

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