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  1. I supposed more recents Coinops versions included a .150 core when i saw this screenshot (the splash screen): http://abload.de/img/nwm0bqxqsaz.jpg maybe i misunderstood it. Anyway, i saw Buggy Boy running decently on an Android tv stick MK808 (on Mame4droid, Mame 0.139 based), It could be interesting trying a recent Mame version on a old pentium 3 class pc (comparable to the Xbox cpu) and see how it runs.
  2. My impression, is just that the Xbox has enough computing power for emulating decently Buggy Boy, and now with a recent Mame core used, it seems more possible than ever before. I still keep hoping.
  3. If i did understand well, the latest versions of Coinops include a mame .150 core... it could be possible thanks to this, adding support to Tatsumi's Buggy Boy (1985), even with some frameskipping? IMHO is the only great classic arcade game still missing to be emulated on the Xbox.
  4. Thanks for the news and the upload
  5. I think reasonable things still possible to achieve... some new games added to Mame ports (i would be happy even only with a Buggy Boy driver) and nearly perfect PSX emulation.
  6. To me your posts are welcome, they all ooze of genuine passion for videogames... and the ones with a retrogaming taste are also strictly related with emulation.
  7. Personally i would be happy to see the inclusion of any arcade game (not necessarely recent) still missing. Most wanted title: BUGGY BOY (1985) PS What is the MMX core in the poll ?
  8. Sorry in advance if this is not a thread for requests... anyway, would be great in a next release including what i consider the last big game missing in Coinops: Buggy Boy. I know it can be ran through Amiga or C64 emulation, but of course would be ways better having the smooth wonderful arcade version. In spite of being a 1985 game, it appeared late in Mame (around in 2008) due to problems in emulating its double cpu. I think trying to see if the Xbox has enough horse power to run it is well worth, for me would be the cherry on top of Coinops. IQ132 and BP, i beg you !
  9. Would be sweet also adding the feature of reading NTFS formatted usb disks.
  10. Great ! Especially the complete Donkey Kong on the NES !
  11. Finding a way to support ntfs usb discs would be great, even just in reading mode only ! Actually the external usb discs of big size (1 Tb and more) used to store media contents are sold formatted in that file system.
  12. I take advantage of this post to ask: does exist a Xbox XBMC version able to read external USB drives formatted in NTFS ?
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