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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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xbox1 games list.

2d fighters

capcom vs snk 2

marvel vs capcom 2

king of fighters neowave

king of fighters maximum impact

giulty gear xx reload

giulty gear isuka

capcom fighting jam

streetfighter 2 anniverary collection



burnout 3 takedown

burnout revenge

outrun 2

outrun 2006 coast 2 coast

need for speed carbon

crazy taxi 3

double steal the second clash

yakuza missions

crash nitro kart racing


3d fighters

dear or alive 2 ultimate

dead or alive 3

bloody roar extreme

kung-fu chaos

soul calibur 2

soul calibur 2 reloaded


beat emups

spikeout battle street

teenage mutant ninja turtles 1


arcade shmups

psyvariar extended edition

shikgami no shiro evo

shikigami no shiro 2



miway arcade treasures 2(so you can launch mortal kombat2,3,narc,rampage world tour..)


run and gun

metal slug 3

metal slug 4

metal slug 5

the red star




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its been in there over a year :( just not turned on and wont be....look though the sources you will see it there...you never did your part I did my part :D told you about the issues and you didnt do your part...told you about 5 times its in there you didnt do your easy easy part....so you can link it to the gui when ever you want just grab the sources and do it...there is some issues you will work it out and then recode it to sort out the issues...but as stated so many times I needed help on this....so its off my todo list rx

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ok ill be releasing CoinOPS X soon....but extra core xbox and n64 and psx and spectrum im still thinking what I want in and how ill make it in there....


PS no documentation as ive said 1000 times I code it..I skin it...I think of how to put in the stuff...I debug it...I make all the xtras and assemble the packs etc I dont want to doccument it as it doesnt help me out any....ive hinted at this hint hint hint......this is a hint that I cant be arsed doing it...but alot of the questions I see are allread in there....

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Is there a way to scan and play games from an inserted DVD filled with roms?I think that would help people who don't have the hard drive space to load all there roms.

A dash is NOT necessary but it would be kinda cool.As a matter of fact the more i think about it,Coin ops as a dashboard doesnt seem practical.so i say no.I would prefer it to be the regular way it is now but thats just me.

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ok so maybe i'm doing something wrong.Could you please tell me HOW do i read roms from DVD in Coin ops.I always susspected this feature was there and i was overlooking it.Thanks for the reply bro.


wait do i have to change the rom path to the disc drive?Is that how you do it?

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