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Having said I probably wont be posting again, here I am. Two reasons


1. Finally got everything installed and running great. Truly a fantastic effort. Thanks to all concerned.


2. Personal message to BP. I've ran a forum with 20,000+ members for coming up to 10 years. I know what its like when you are the main name associated with something. There will always be a very vocal small minority that claim to speak for the whole of the 'scene' Believe me its rubbish. the fact is if you've got a good product for the majority, which coinops most certainly is, then you and your services will be around for a very long time. Even if occasionally your guard slips a little due to the vocal few trying to whip nothing up into a world level crisis/end of the world scenario the truth is the majority will see it for what it truly is, people that get a kick or some sort of fulfillment by making something out of nothing.


This is not the ridiculous question of whether 'the scene will tolerate you' its really a question of 'how long you can tolerate the scene' I personally hope its a long while as you are doing a great job and contributing more more than the haters ever will. 'The scene' will appreciate your work for as long as you are prepared to offer it, regardless of the disillusioned vocal few that think they have a mandate to talk for the 'people' and demand how you should chose to donate your time and energy.You don't sound like the type of guy that needs reassurance, but I thought I'd offer it all the same. Personally I think 'the scene' is getting less and less tolerant of those vocal few - but I'm intelligent enough to know I can't possibly say I represent the whole 'scene' anymore than they can.


Keep up the good work.





well said and thanks...im comfortable with the way things are....it got your attention and that was what I wanted....it has no real effect on anyone and hits the ones I want to where it hurts...have our build but ummm you are locked out of updates


anyways I say run with the sources....as I say ignite ones are arcades only so start there and work forward....the lockeing seems to be of the right level at present....it wont cause any effect but stop you upgrading CoinOPS and give you a message....and really they said it had to many releases so when CoinOPS 3 comes out they can upgrade and use the arcade only build....the lock is 100 percent designed around them saying to many releases so now they are locked to one release as requested by them...and they can now move forward without the need of constantly getting new stuff...as they say its bad....so issues solved its a win win and was designed that way

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I've been catching up on the latest news and I've got a concern. I think it was brought up already. What if I want just a stock xbox with less than 1200 games? Does this mean a "lock" kicks in? I'm having trouble understanding the need for crippling your own software when it seems to be so versatile. I've used CoinOps now in a bunch of different configurations (horizontal/vertical screens, HD/SD, on lcd monitors and arcade monitors) and the games that each setup plays is very specific to the room/screen/cabinet that its is in. I wouldn't have done any of that if I didn't love the emulator.


But, I'd hate to try and stay up on the updates if its just going to cause me headaches. My main machine is getting the full package ftped over right now and will be done in half an hour. I take it that this install will be fine. I worry about my other boxes and will probably leave them as is (unless my request makes it in).


And finally, said request! Could there be an option to autoboot one specific game at CoinOps' startup? Like, an "all time favorite game" that will boot after the CoinOps banner screen? I'm imagining having CoinOps as the dash so that when the xbox turns on you get the xbox flubber, then the coinops logo, then Mario Bros boots (or whatever game you set it to).


Would be cool for my cabs... thanks BP.

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BP, can you give us the change in arcade cores since R9 ? I really want to know if drivers were added , cores update...and please, can you answer honestly man ?


Please can you check Dangun Feveron driver ? I think theres some minors problem with the music, and can you do something about the framerate being low at the ship/weapon selection ?


As for n64, i tested some games:


1080: seems to have some trouble with sound..really minor glitches


Diddy kong racing: at Rare logo, when hes flying, diddy is blak, no textured..and some characters in games too


Starfox: perfect


Wave Race: runs perfect


mario Kart : perfect too


I tested on my CRT, so only SD mode :)

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just compair the r9 games to the CoinOPS 2 games I think about 30-40 games where added...and no I dont have time to say what they are or care ive built them into the documentation and mostly into the packs if they are worth it....to me its going backwards....

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Thanks BP for your hard work. I'm a bit of a NEWBIE, first time post. I've been using an artwork for MAME on PC called ''slarp.png'' which was made by a member from another site specifically for LCD screens which I find great for scan-line effects. Question is can/how to get to work in CoinOPs? I've tried the ini file and placing in the artwork folder, no luck. Any help greatly appreciated.

This is the image,




and also zoomed in.



Thanks to pubjoe for this.

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Oh, I see the BPDF is out in force.

Was only a matter of time.


Yeah, that's right, I was crying. Boo hoo me. Also, the entire point of my posting originally (and registering) was to have a "pop" at BP, and "make a world ending crisis out of nothing". Right. Of course! It's so obvious to me, now that I've been expertly analysed and deconstructed.


Okay, see that? THAT'S how to miss someone's points.

All of them. Entirely.


I've made my opinions clear, I don't need to do so again. Besides, no matter how much I re-iterate them, it seems they'll get "interpreted" a certain way depending on your own personal preferences.


What I will say is this though. If you can't see the problems inherent within statements such as this:


"dont be so parinoid I wont format your hdd or it would have been done ages ago...eg bigies would now be wiped....im saying dont bite the hand that feeds you....and if you want to get into a contest about removing stuff ive said not to....I can make it serious if I wanted for users....and they know who they are....actually the locks are non problematic for most...and much lower than people expected so get over it unless you want them ramped up by crying about things"


Then seriously, you probably deserve your HDD formatted. From reassurance to several threats in one messy sentence. Beautiful.


Oh, one more thing: seriously? I should go make my own emulator?


Wow. People still actually use that as a counter argument?

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lol this has got the best reactions ive ever seen....lol this worked better than I could have ever imagined.....but it effect me or my friends in no way what so ever.....I write it and can do what I want with it....."Oh, one more thing: seriously? I should go make my own emulator?" yes this is quoted as its true....I dont give a rats about what you think I should do.....


..its up to you to use it or not....and I recommend you dont and just leave it...im fine with that....there is other ways around this...any older CoinOPS builds..mameox...final burn alpha or raine....mameb6.....all the sources are out as well


anyways its all just reactions now im back to developing...if it continues to much longer ill have to get it pruned....im bored with it...you can keep going on any other thread except this one...soon this thread will be on topic again....im gone if it doesnt stay on topic on pinned threads ill have to make it so....but feel free to post elsewhere your concerns or whatever....


OK some new sort methods are under development....sort by Name and Console.....it jumps down A B C...Z in arcades but when it hits consoles it fast jumps down each console type....and they are arranged Aracades A-Z then Console Type A-Z.... does anyone else have any others they want?


ill reopen soon with more release notes....

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