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  1. Thanks Fu. While I'm here, I tried the last nba jam you posted (the 32x one), couldn't get it to work. Could hear stuff going on, but screen was blank. Did I miss some trick here? Edit: Oh, it was on neogenesis v25 I think, if that matters.
  2. Uh... okay, I just tried this. As far as I can tell, there's no way for me to point the videos folder setting to where I keep my vids. The option is there (as it used to be), but whatever I change it to it just stays at "D:\videosextra" or something. It does allow me to edit one of the console paths to where I keep the coinops roms, though. Is this a lock that didn't get removed or something?
  3. This quote suggests otherwise: "Make sure you get CoinOPS 4 Sunset Proper....I still have issues" There does seem to be some confusion over what is actually being released... of course, it'll probably be my fault if anyone in the entire world experiences any issues with this latest version. All my fault, yes.
  4. Seriously mate, 3 Sunset, Xraine and FBL 1.10 (till the next destronger update). Forget about it, you aint missing out at all.
  5. Remember now! "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. Albert Einstein" lulz. Too funny.
  6. Guys, nothing new is being added anyway. There is literally no reason to even bother with 4. Notice how often all the "updates" involve "bug fixes, too many to mention"? Yeah. Why all the bug fixes in something that was tested end to end and working perfectly before, huh? Remember how we were always told to just go check the difference between the gamelists if we wanted to merely know the answer to the (you'd think) rather simple question of what new arcade games had been added? Yeah, I did that one time. I found that a grand total of all of 12 "new" games had been added (can't remember of
  7. Aha, just assumed that cps2 and neogeo were on a different core, you live and learn. I... suspect that something happened after FBL 1.1/1.3. I'm sure I remember it saved high scores back then.
  8. Haha, really? I even tried to pick two games I thought wouldn't be on that core (a videosystem/visco and a neo geo). Didn't have the internets to hand, so didn't check.
  9. Yeah, looks like the problem is across the board. I also tried Aerofighters and Blazing Star, same issue.
  10. I didn't get round to testing it on other cores, no. I just thought "huh, coulda swore it USED to save my scores" and tested it with the same game on an earlier version. As I say, sort of weird that it did actually save the file in 1.5, but didn't then load it on a reload of the rom (1.1, 1.9 and 1.7 didn't even save the file). I haven't paid much attention to high scores on the emulators on the xbox recently; due to the number of versions we've been going through recently for FBL/COPS, I didn't get much chance to even play the games, let alone attempt a high score. (Most of my "xbox time" r
  11. Am I just being really stupid, or has high score saving been disabled altogether? 1944 just wouldn't save the high score last night. Wouldn't even write the file to the highscores folder. I even checked previous versions back to 1.5. 1.5 saves the file... but still doesn't load those high scores in when you load the rom. Even checked CoinOPS 3 sunset. Doesn't do it either (though I've no idea what version of FBL that runs to get 1944 going). Anyone? Am I just missing something (I am enabling high scores in the menu for each game), or what?
  12. @ +T+ I guess I'm kinda both sorry to hear that, and glad. On the one hand, the recent revival of FBL has resulted in me getting to play a few games on the old xbox that I never thought I would (espgal, ketsui, etc). On the other - as you've said previously - we're eventually going to get to the point where the xbox will struggle with the emulation updates. You're probably better quitting now, rather than waiting till that becomes more and more apparent (if you aint got time to test stuff now, and that testing is becoming more and more important, then...) If I were you, I'd get the next one
  13. Apologies to you both - I wasn't thinking. Yeah, I am running in HD. I'll try waiting longer on the green screen.
  14. Great stuff, +T+! I been wanting to try out Batsugun for years. Couple of quick questions: 1. will the rompack for this be on *snip* any time soon? Oh, and what kinda differences are we talking between this and the 1.7 pack? Just a few roms, or another whole complete set? 2. I got the 1.7 set from there (just before the childishness), and I'm still having to change the neogeo bios in the settings for each game to unibios to get them past the loading screen; it's not a huge deal (I'm going in there to change other stuff anyway, such as highscore saving), but I remember you saying you did
  15. If I understand this correctly, I grab that tecmosys.c and put it in the required BIOS zip (which one is that, by the way?), and Angel Eyes will now work? For some reason I don't have permission to download...
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