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  1. Please can you tell peoples to stop posting 360 related stuff in Xbox (1) section
  2. one picture..i must take more ^^ running Cave's shmups i really wish the PGM emulation can be better on Xbox, since theres too many slowdown when you play for score (especially Ketsui ) i need to install my emotia in my cab , so i'll be able to enjoy 240p ^^ I really wish you could add a Tate feature in FBL
  3. Toaplan...sound .... thank you T Next week, FBL 1.8 will run on my Egret 2 Is it possible to enable dipswitch in Guwange Blue Label ? Autofire is important in Guwange, we cant play for score without it
  4. Greato !!!!!! so Batsugun with sound too ? T..did you think you can be able to add an option for Tate screen (rotation 90° clockwise or anti)..im soon an Egret 2 owner, so we "really" need such an option ^^.....or maybe is it "skin related" ? Great work , cant wait for the next update
  5. Great news for 3DO....I hope Wonderswan emulator will be updated one day, because actually Judgment Silversword dont run at full speed.
  6. Sparda

    Coinops 3.

    Dont forget BP was a member of the XBMC team ^^ So what are the news in CoinOPS 3 ? despite a "new" GUI... what about the fullspeed Midway games (Mortal Kombat) he claims to have fixed since many years ?
  7. Oh yes please, cant wait for it 480p and 480i inis please
  8. @megaman...why did you choose the xbox timer ? It is known the video signal isnt very good...lots of interference. ...try to look for the ultimarc solution...it comes with a powerful video ampli...or the easiest solution ..you can order a console 2 jamma adapter on shmups..made by viletim....video quality is really great..and you can plug any console on your cab...combine it with a MC Cthulhu and enjoy
  9. Hi guys ^^ Thank you +T+ for your work ^^ and the new release i cant wait to receive my Egret 2 put my Xbox inside, then to launch FBL ^^ So glad PGM games have been improved , less "slowdown" in Ketsui, Galuda runs great, and DOJ too....... how these games are running on a Trusty ? full speed ? no loss framerate ?
  10. hi guys ^^ im back...now as a married man ....honeymoon in scotland was amazing !!! So...it seems i missed lot of release ...im moving out to Paris next week...then i'll have more time to thanks all of you for your work ^^...cant wait to try FBL 1.5 and the Pixel Perfect inis
  11. i dont have much time to try .inis....i had a crash with my bike yesterday...need some rest ....2 weeks before my wedding..life is a b... but thanks again for all your effort guys
  12. iq...what if we're running pgm games on a Trusty ? do you think they can run at full speed with less slowdown ?
  13. 720p ...nooooooooo i only have CRT at home, not fancy LCD screen at all...okay, im a liar, i have one Samsung LCD moniter 23"..im playing Vanquish and some others 360 games on it..otherwise...i have 4 CRT at home. 1 PVM 2030, 1 Trinitron 29" 4/3, and 2 16/9 (one blackdiva Thomson, one Quintrix Panasonic ^^) But please, share them ^^, we're waiting for since many months ^^
  14. So, if i understand, actually, when a game is launched, it isnt "pixel perfect"...am i right ? Cospefogo, when are you releasing your inis ?lots of peoples around here are waiting for your work ^^.Please at least consider to release some .inis
  15. i tested all pgm shmups last night...most "casual" gamers are not going to notice slowdowns....but when i was "scoring" ESP Galuda and Ketsui....we can feel the Xbox isnt powerful enough to run those games. i really hope a Trusty can make the difference...Phil can you confirm ? Despite the slowdowns when im scoring...FBL 1.4 is really a great piece of work..and Neil skin is a very good choice Hey Neil can you try to make the same skin with a candy cab...Egret 2 or New Astro City for example is it possible for screenshots too ? or they have to be named according to rom name ?
  16. Hey guys what about the Caanoo ? any developper on 1emu interested to port their work on the awesome korean handheld ? Please iq, can you consider to port FBA on Caanoo
  17. F.... awesome How can i thank you man ^^..a night with the bride ? lol I tested ESP Galuda , and despite minor slowdowns...games is "almost" perfect (so far i was in stage 5...no slowdown during boss fight...only when theres explosion or really big sprites on screen)..why almost..because the music seems to be an issue with PGM games. It seems some notes are missing in DDP DOJ, and the music run faster compare to the PCB or PS2 port. .....aaaaaah ...so good to play Ketsui on my stock Xbox . Now im waiting for my Egret 2 (one question..if i run them on a Trusty...do you think the upgraded xbox can get ride of all slowdowns ?)
  18. but unless Tateing the PSP...it must be unplayable ^^...Ketsui on DS is a pain in the a... so on PSP..yoko mode ^^ You guys are unbelievable ^^ iq are you interested to port your work on Caanoo ? Edit: on the vid, the music run slower
  19. Tate your screen, and play Ketsui on Shmupmame lagless...its worth the wait....and try to 1CC it and kick Doom-sama'a ass
  20. Even Cave games (DDP, ESPRade, Guwange) arent showing up in Raine o_O (and i used your fullset on s.......a)
  21. Bon ben vous etes tous invités au mariage alors , si vous passez du coté de Nancy le 3 septembre , a une seule condition, vous m'organisez une petite soirée geek & geeketes en guise d'enterrement Sparda...France
  22. oh my ...^^...at full speed 99% of the time..you guys are amazing...if you come in France (september 3rd 2011), and if you like "la cuisine francaise" , 2 seats are reserved ...only geeks and family are welcome ^^
  23. Sorry.....i removed the quote. How is Ketsui running when theres lots of bullets and big patterns on screen ? like in stage 3 for example ?
  24. at first it was due to hardware limitation...buy time passed and Cave started to program slowdown. The "aksys" port of DeathSmiles was total crap...RSG released DS in Europe without any slowdown alteration. they've respected Cave's game..not like those jerks from Aksys. and you must know Cave games are not really running at 59fps, but more uncommon fps (57.5 for ESP Rade) its not a question to prefer slowdowns or not....just a question to respect a game programmed with slowdown __________________________ Removed ^^
  25. Caanoo without hesitation ^^....and my buttplug
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