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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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OK looks like a new way forward for support for me in the next day or two....there will be two threads


CoinOPS 2 Development Thread ***LOCKED*** this will be locked and ill talk about stuff im doing and anything else relivant

CoinOPS 2 Discussion Thread this will be open and I wont post on there....discuss what you want flame what you want....ill be on my development thread and also via PM.....


this will kick off very soon......

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if and N64 game is present it wont try and rebuild on the standalone it will show one game or how many you have in the list.......right im forming a new plan as we speak


well you think I care if they like it...and no matter what the locks for the point releases are there and will stay....


...then there's no worry, Ken. Already told ya I appreciate them.

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This thread is locked and just tells you what im working on and also what ive decided if anything from the discussion thread......best of luck....the new release products will be stuck to the top....


***** CoinOPS 2 *****




This Package comes with the greatest collection of 2200 Arcade Games / Console Games and Handheld Games...complete with videos and optomised for the best experience the XBOX can bring

This is for most the one package to have...it will answer nearly everything in one package and one simple and powerfull GUI....with the fewest issues.....If your new to this, you are going to experience what Console Emulation is all about...For support and feature requests there is only one place to visit "1emulation.com" forums...


CoinOPS epic...CoinOPS ignite...CoinOPS reignite....CoinOPS gold.....CoinOPS showroom.....CoinOPS showcase......are of the past now this is it!!!


Enjoy....also if you want to expand on what is there........you can


Largest most complete Arcade Game support on the XBOX

Latest and most complete Final Burn Alpha support on the XBOX

Over 16,000 Supported Games

Support for

Atari Lynx

Commodore 64

Game Gear


Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Color

Master System



Nintendo 64

PC Engine

PC Engine CD


Sega SG-1000

Super Nintendo

XBOX Commandline Launching

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

Doom Games

Killer Instinct Games

Laser Disc Retrospectives

Mortal Kombat with sound support

Automatic HD Support

Video Preview support support

Screenshot Preview support

Background Music support

Most featured sort engine for any emulator on the XBOX

Most acurate keymap acade emulator on the XBOX

Simple favorite system support

Cheat support

Monitor on it side support

Keymap support

Simplest keymaping and aspect correction for Console on the XBOX

Greatest Aspect Correction support for any arcade emulator on the XBOX

One click aspect correction support

Commandline support

Game tracking stat support

Mouse and trackball support

Game Information support

Vector game support

Artwork support

Multple skin color support

Folder path support

The list goes on and on.......you name it, its probably got it

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N64 pack is coming along well now...and being assembled...some new drivers for arcades are also being worked on and fixing a few....


ive locked down to two threads now


CoinOPS 2 Development Thread ****LOCKED to comment and will be my development notes to you

CoinOPS 2 Discussion Thread you guys can do what you want...ill look at it and filter though the trolling...anything of interest im doing will go onto the Development Thread...ill stay off the discussion thread...best of luck guys

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Added a new mode for aspect correction for Arcades.... 4x3 aspect correction...locked it to 4x3 for all games...also this is now used when aspect correction is enabled in basic settings....


this fixes CPS1 and CPS2 in HD not displaying in 4x3.....

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Add check list so unfixed N64 games run in SD while updated N64 core games run in HD


Added new skin element....for number of players.....

Added new skin element....for soundtrack.....


Made HD/SD switch work across all consoles including Nintendo 64 if you want everything forced to SD


looking at PSX switching and how its best done...can someone gives me a heads up to how this should work???eg do you allways launch disc 1 then swap...or want to launch disc 2 when your up to it??? im not sure

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