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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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no worries its been considered...Ive got histry.dat code in place as well....but normal people ive show hate it...and say it looks dos like...and also its a dogs breakfast for what people want....


ill probably enable the option soon.....smooth it out mem usage wise and make it hidden if nothing is in the folder...


should be in R6 for you....offically and wont be removed when it is...

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did you add all the support files from epic? maybe I should test it...I didnt realise this was so important to people....it looks good code wise to me should work if you copied all the files


do you have streetfighter3.xbe in CoinOPS folder also the shader files from the media stuff and the other main folder for the game?


Somehow I did not have streetfighter3.xbe in main folder, now everything works.

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thats ok no offense robot3 your not the market im looking at so dont be offended if I dont really do stuff like you want....you should goto the other forums they can help you and even mod the open sources (unlike there sites) to suit..... best of luck brother im confident ill own them no matter what they do with sources just by my vision....


has anyone with a 128meg xbox tested this yet? no speed upgrade?

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----------------------- FILES THAT CAN BE ADJUSTED BY YOU -----------------------


CoinOPS\general\catver.xml - This sets the Catagories of your games (eg 1v1 Fighter or Shooter etc)

This requires you to Scan All Your Games

CoinOPS\general\romstatus.xml - This allows you to alter what games will be classics or hot, no sound etc

This requires you to Scan All Your Games

CoinOPS\vm.txt - This automatically adjust the virtual memory for those games in Low Def

CoinOPS\vmhidef.txt - This automatically adjust the virtual memory for those games in Hi Def

CoinOPS\general\cheat.dat - The cheats file this can be updated

CoinOPS\backgroundmusic\All files - All the background music in WMA format

CoinOPS\gameinfo\Gamename.ini - Allows you to select Game Information in the start menu


Q - Is Game Information supported?

A - YES Load files (text files) into gameinfo/Gamename.ini

Press START on the games selection page and select Game Information

NOTE - If there is no gameinfo/Romname.ini file the option Game Information wont display



OK its properly in and tested.....robot3 if you want to test it let me know




can anyone create a scrapper to match a list of zips that pulls out the info from histry.day and puts them into the samename.ini? that kind of thing maybe for consoles as well....im using the ones from final burn legends they work fine....

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