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annihitor...ill be working on EPIC TWO soonish...I have more final burn features ill add and tidy and ill tidy the final burn core...id say the issue with final burn is alot user error at present...but I need a test bed to confirm


post on the other forum.... or do the ones pinned to that thread

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Dissappointment?? Tekken 3 does not work even when hitting the "A" button before and during loading of the game. My favorite game not working in the bundle puts a huge damper on this release..


Download the full game without the movie rip, and you won't need to press start.

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great work!


I will be sticking with epic r3 for now tho, unless its possible to make the next version use the MAME core for stuff like daraku tenshi on upgraded xboxes (that game was running perfectly)? (maybe have an advanced option to revert the slower stuff that you've moved onto the FB core onto the MAME)


also martial masters still doesnt load :)


needs vmm even on 128mb ram

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