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I dont remember that ill ask him......there are so many power insincts im not sure what this one is...I did add support for one or 2 new ones as I updated the Final Burn core remember

yes power instinct 1 and 2 both run off the mame core and power instinct melee which is a neogeo game also runs off the mame core.those 3 all run fine on the mame core by the way.

but power instinct legends which uses the same driver as power instinct 1 and 2 was never included.

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OK CoinOPS EPIC R5 is ready


Screensizing and Keymapping is availble to FBA core like the consoles though the left and right thumb clicks...

Note: Apect correction in basic settings locks Screensizing in Final Burn and consoles but corrects everything for aspect ratios...it will know if your in 4x3 or 720p and auto adjust

Note: To get keymapping to work you will have to enable default keymapping in advanced settings

Fixed kbash2 and commandw virtual memory

Lots more tweaks and bug fixes

Samples updated

Fixed sf3.zip now launches Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (xbox 1 version)

Fixed CPS3 and PGM support for 128meg xboxs (confirmed working games are ketsui...espgaluda....street fighter 3....street fighter 3 2nd strike.....red earth...jo jo.....trying soon to find how to get others to boot)

Please test these games for speed on 128meg only xboxs as they have been tested on speed upgraded boxes and I want to know if its worth adding virtual mem


drivers added


DRIVER( kbash2 )

DRIVER( recalh )

DRIVER( commandw )


DRIVER( Keta )

DRIVER( Ketb )

DRIVER( Espgal )

DRIVER( Thegladpcb )

DRIVER( Ddp2 )

DRIVER( Ddp2101 )

DRIVER( Ddp2102 )

DRIVER( Ddp3 )

DRIVER( Ddp3v100 )

DRIVER( Ddp3v101 )

DRIVER( Ddp3d )

DRIVER( Ddp3blk )

DRIVER( Martmasc )

DRIVER( Martmast )

DRIVER( Kov2 )

DRIVER( Kov2106 )

DRIVER( Kov2p )

DRIVER( Kov2p205 )

DRIVER( warzard )

DRIVER( sfiii )

DRIVER( jojo )

DRIVER( jojoba )

DRIVER( jojobaa )

DRIVER( sfiii2 )



DRIVER( jojoban ) // NO CD VERSION


DRIVER( redeartn ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( redearth )

DRIVER( sfiii2n ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( sfiii3n ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( sfiii3 )

DRIVER( sfiiin )

DRIVER( sf3 )


NOTE FOR EPIC USERS : sfiii3 rom pic and video now needs to be renamed as sf3.zip sf3.png sf3.xmv this is due to sfiii3 is now being used by the final burn core

NOTE Please for each game I wish to know if it runs on an Xbox with 128Megs of ram and how well (also on the trusty ones)


Thanks to IQ as usual for his help.....although alot of work was put in by me without IQ this would have never been possible in the first place


Release is tommorrow.....

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