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  1. yeah the start menu booted quick with no problems going into the trivia file, then again I am running it on a trusty. This weekend (or late friday) will copy over the entire r6 from that box to my regular softmod one and run it. when going through the mame history dat (renamed to text and opened in microsoft word) the formatting is there, but when doing a copy/paste over to regular notepad for the text file I lose the formatting. I then go to every line that goes beyond the right margin of what I want, hit enter to put it on the next line below that. Were you referring to a sort of batch program to go through all those text files and tell them to make the right margin "such and such" with a scrapper, if I am assuming it would just dismantle the dat file into however many text files (or separate the dat into individual text files by game/rom name) that would save a HUGE amount of time. In fact something like that might not even make it a project at all, being able to get it done in one night rather than several. I did look on google the other day to see if anyone converted the dat file into ini files or text, etc (even pdf) but no luck with that
  2. Not to add to your massive list already, but another game that could work if the crosshair controls could be made to react better (a lot better) when using a joystick would be the shooter game "crossbow"
  3. Thanks for r6!! The game info pack is still a work in progress but coming along slowly. I have to reformat the text files (well the new ones that were needed) otherwise they go off the screen in Coinops. I need to make sure that does not happen. It is also trying to find more time, I should be able to get another good crack at them by this coming weekend since most of all my other non related projects are now done
  4. whichever method would work best for coinops go with. Technically moves and trivia could be part of the same text/ini file if need be
  5. Source: Answers.com (huh... go figure) So yea, I miss-quoted earlier... 88 was the famicom, release of the arcade unit was 84 (Japan)... yes the machine was in that style. I recall the bezel ( or the header piece that shows the title of the arcade game on the cabinet) as saying Exciteabike. Nothing with VS, though that was the machine being used. I seem to recall though having some different sound effects. The arcade I saw this in was an indie owned (not a chain) in a regular mall. Perhaps it is very possible someone made a custom header piece and screwed up the name, or possibly if it was some sort of hack flashed into a VS machine, that could also explain the header name and possible other minor tweak differences I recall seeing. I can tell you I was not old enough to drive at the time and my friend being a year or two older was (though that would have made him 16 or 17 and putting this in 1987 or 1988). I thought it was cool as hell back then being able to drive to the "next town over" with a friend and not by Mom or Dad. So thanks to you guys here I can at least now confirm it had to be VS excitebike, but I am still convinced I played some sort of bootleg or hack of some type due to the firm memory of the arcade header name and the flashing bike either way thanks again, I now just hae to figure out one more game from my youth I recall playing and then all 3 mystery games can be put to rest (the second mystery game turned out to be Special forces or it was Special forces 2) keep this thread open and just use it for any "trying to remember the game and is it in mame questions"
  6. I think it might have also to do with most having the 128 upgrade BUT with a higher processor (trusty or trusty related board) and NOT just the 128 ram upgrade alone with the regular default processor. So even though I have to patch the default xbe files in order for coinops to play at the regular xbox speed on my Trusty box, I am not what he is looking for in testing. You also have to keep in mind that it is very possible not many know this thread and forum are up and going. Judging from comments posted on older various coinops torrents, most have no idea about this place or even the xbox-scene forums
  7. It was a stand up normal cabinet (like your second link), though I think it was a connected machine so it had the two screens and two sides (for two players) at a slight angle further supporting the VS theory. Is it possible a revision of some sort might have existed at one time? I know the bike was flashing instead of changing colors when you got that infamous cheat reward
  8. Works and looks great! In addition to FBA having some move sets, I know the stand alone port for the arcade Killer instinct games had move sets as well I am going to take the arcade rom set for epics, put it in an older version of pc mame .8 something (I beliee I have 83 or 82) and use the history dat. Just makes it easier in creating new ini files for those games that would still need it. After that it would be onto console games and I suppose for those cheats/hints type material would suffice
  9. I will gladly test it out if you like. On the other thing, no offense taken. I like what you are doing with coinops and I do like how it is going in the direction of being one main emu for everything. My time is usually limited, but I can also do what I can with other games that do not have any ini info files created yet that do exist in coinops. I can also keep it strictly with the rom set that came with the epics 21 gig torrent
  10. Is it possible I was actually playing excitebike all those years ago and had no idea??? I can still swear the title of exciteabike, the slightly better graphics and the bike actually flashing white, however I just stumbled upon this youtube video, it is from the VS arcade version. Evidently if you trip up a number of riders you get rewarded and your bike turns yellow black, your temp gauge also gets greyed out and you drive in turbo.This cheat reward is not in the home versions. This would also make sense of the comment back then from my friend telling me when the bike was flashing "this is why it is called excitebike". Check the time around 1:38 to see what I mean. In all my years of reading and searching info about this game (well at the time the bootleg version I still kind of think I played), I never saw this "cheat" info listed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-nTOcH_ck I still think I saw a boot of excitebike, but at least this seems to answer most of the puzzle
  11. http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/romset/sprcros2 ? Nope, it was not that either. Though the graphics were similar to the mystery game I played, you were playing excitebike. Same 2d side scrolling like the regular game. You could look at the game and say "oh it's excitebike with better graphics"
  12. I pretty much use the same setup as stated by Fumanchu" though I still have mame128x on as well, I think the console games and set up run smoother on the madlab editions (I do like the xtras but I am not going to kill myself if I do not have them). For the massive 21 gig epics that was floating around, I did not strip out any console games, the more the merrier I say, I like having a few alternatives to run whatever game. I do however like the easy access (right analog stick pushing in) setup menu in final burn legends. The way it nicely loads up while shrinking the main screen and technically pausing the game for you and giving you every option of whatever game on the right side including the exit game options I still prefer yours as my main arcade emu however and I am fine with the gui that goes with it, though if something similar to the FBL menu I mentioned could be incorporated, well then that might make coinops really take the cake
  13. Thanks for the info. With concerns to the trivia I might be in the minority on that. I actually do enjoy reading that info (mame), also as well as for hints or other oddities I might not know for said game (like flip the dip switch to this will make a game do that or just sometimes trying to figure out a combo/button move without any prior knowledge of a game). With the massive amount of work you already have for coinops, I do appreciate what you have given us, still if it does not cause you a headache or a hell of a lot of more work, down the road please reconsider the option I was curious, as far as arcade games go would it be more work to enable the history.dat that would usually go in the main folder of mame for such things as trivia? I always found the "competition" with certain scenes amazing. The Xbox emu scene is not super huge like it used to be or fully supported like it used to be. It boggles my mind how people will fight each other over a scene where they all should be working together. I just never understood the bitter rivalry for a smaller scene like this. Another unrelated example of where I encountered something similar was with the comic/magazine scanning scene. A lot of similar problems that mirror what happened to you here with the Xbox.
  14. I have r4 epics going now but trying this out I could not get it to work. I am testing it with the game 1941 (since the rom has that name) At first I had the folder spelled wrong (well correctly as trivia), I then noticed you had it as Triva. I tried both but hitting the start button (to bring up the Coinops main menu) or actually starting the game and using the back+white in game menu does not bring up the trivia option. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Thank you for the reply. However it was not either of those editions. This version had no temp gauge and you could not over heat. Also when you did well for a while (assuming no crashing) the bike would flash and you would become "immune" to any crashes and go faster. Also the graphics were much better in this version. If one were to look at them (normal Nintendo version) side by side you could see a huge difference between them. I still really think it was a bootleg of some sort because the ExciteAbike name really stands out in my mind
  16. I know a few threads exist for this already (a sticky of "whats the game" would help). However I remember playing an old arcade game and to this day I cannot find any info online at all or anything else about it. I am asking here because for all I know it could have already been available in Mame for a number of years. The game was either a true arcade (by Nintendo) or a bootleg (I believe it to be the latter) of the Nintendo game Excitebike. A friend of mine told me about the game and brought me to the arcade to actually play it. I would have to say this was between the years of 1986-1988. I remember him telling me "this is the real version of excitebike". This is what I can recall: the game was called exiteabike or excite a bike (but do not quote me on the title, because I might not be fully remembering the name correctly. I can tell you though it definitely did not use the regular excitebike name). The graphics were a big upgrade over the home Nintendo version. At one point during the game (for whatever reason) the bike would glow (flash). This then made you go faster and be immune from any crashes. You did not overheat or anything else that was in the home version. I am aware of the Nintendo player series in Mame, but that edition of Excitebike appears to be the same one as the home NES release. So did Nintendo actually make a true arcade excitebike or if this is a bootleg of some kind, does it sound familiar to anyone or more importantly is it in Mame somewhere under a different name?
  17. Not sure if this is the right thread for it (assuming it to be), but the old arcade racing game "Turbo" seems to work if the steering issue could be fixed
  18. Ahhh that was the problem on the dvd drive I had, it had no mounting holes for the piece. The drive itself was dead so I was just going to use it for decoration, until I picked up a new drive (LG Hitachi) for it, but I did not bother with it at that point, though now I am curious
  19. Those cases are nice! I own a clear case right now and like you mentioned they are a little fragile (one of the corners on mine cracked slightly when I was re tightening up the case) I wanted to ask, how the heck did you get the dvd drive besel to work? I tried a few times bu the discs just kept bouncing around. I was not sure if that piece was made for certain drives or not
  20. Hey BP, Just wanted to say thank you for the immense work you have done with this project. I am also very grateful that you finally added a trivia/history option. I always enjoyed reading those in final burn legends or PC mame. Glad I can view them again now. A few pages back someone had asked you if you could add another screenshots folder to which you thought it was overkill with over 4000 games. Would you ever reconsider that request? In my case I am pretty anal with rom listing. I have Coinops set up to not only list the roms with Epics (dled that crazy 21 gig torrent, well 19 gig rared), but still have the additional rom paths pointing to my older rom sets that I play with on mame128xxx. I am also aware that many games that would/do work with coinops are not exactly supported because they do not work properly (ex: though perfectly playable, special forces 1 and 2 have no sound so most do not include them as a preferred rom set for coinops). In my case for the many instances of this I can easily clear over the 4000 game mark. I do not care so much about videos (though they are nice) but would love to be able to have another folder for screen shots to fill that need of mine. Just a suggestion I am currently running a Trusty box (1.4 ghz/128 ram) and though I do have to patch the default xbe's with the Dxpatcher, everything works fine (re-enabled sound with midway titles and they run great) You also asked where everyone is coming from. I have been on the xbox-scene boards for a number of years (despite my join date listed there). I also belong to Snesorama and emuxtras. Though it was talking with Xcaliber on Snesorama (I know he goes by a different name here) that I was directed to stop on by over here At any rate thanks again, will offer some help when I can (if a trusty xbox test is needed for something, though I do have a normal soft modded box still as well) and best to the future. thanks again--
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