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help me please


SF3 does not work

CPX3 Rom, I copy the folder of rom I renamed sfiii3 in SF3, but nothing works

same with wizard and jojo


Street fighter III 3rd strike the game xbox, not work

you will need a 128mb ram upgraded xbox to play the streetfighter 3 third strike rom.

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strike you need to the pointer renamed to


sf3.zip and the video to sf3.xmv and the pic to sf3.png they where called sfiii3.zip .png .xmv then you need to rescan...also you will need to have the CoinOPS/StreetFighter.xbe in the root and the the xtra folder with the 7000 meg file and many more files this was part of EPIC and the big release before...


so can people report sf3 sf3 2nd and sf3 3rd jojo readearth workin

on 128meg xboxs ? and whats the speed like (if its good ill try and add vm as its likely it will work)

on 128meg and speed upgraded xbox working and speed?


does games like strikers 1 2 3 work better

does all the added jorney kbash2 and reahorn work and speed on standard xbox


then onto PGM games

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you need all the files and folder from EPIC for


CoinOPS/Media as it hasicons and shaders etc



copy those and the streetfighter.xbe from epic and it should run if the pointer is sf3.zip


you must have not overwiten you must have deleted :)


CoinOPS/Media OK


CoinOPS/roms/sf3.zip(pointer) OK

CoinOPS/streetfighter.xbe OK


the game is on the list but when I run it (A button), I have a black screen

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Hi there,

I'm a 'trusty 128 Xbox' owner, so I patched XBE's.

to report back - not so successfully

...as my first post on this board :)


Command War & Odyssey work OK


Recalhorn : Black screen , you have to reboot


DD Crew after some glitching screen hangs on black.


PGM titles give a 'Please wait' white screen before returning to gui, CPSIII also does.


My pgm.zip bios file looks like this now


pgm_m01s.rom 0x45AE7159

pgm_p01s.rom 0xE42B166E

pgm_p01s.u20 0xE42B166E

pgm_p02s.u20 0x78C15FA2

pgm_t01s.rom 0x1A7123A0


CRC 0xB3CC5C8F and 0x517CF7A2

they are missing from your list, can someone post the filename ?


Psikyo Gunbird 2 sounds high pitched in voices imo but plays ok, i have to compare with pre R4 on a stock xbox...

strikers 45 During the first level, gaves me a 'cheat code invalid error' or something like that before exiting, i called the resizing option before that.


I hope to give other impressions, as swiftly as I watch developments with great interest.


Thanks for your attention and keeping your project further and better.

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Hi Carlo,


This happened for me too. There must be something that's off slightly. I know this core does work as I was testing a beta build recently. We will work it out. :)


Talk soon


hi guys i need some help


i was so excited to try the new pgm ddp3 ketsui espgunda iput the 3 roms and the pgm bios and coinops found them but when i load them they give me white screen and please wait and then return to coinops i know its not my roms fault they work well in mame and fba


any suggestion


ps: i tried them on two xboxes 1 normal retail with 128 ram and other trusty with 128 ram and both did the same

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CoinOPS/Media OK


CoinOPS/roms/sf3.zip(pointer) OK

CoinOPS/streetfighter3.xbe OK


the game is on the list but when I run it (A button), I have a black screen

SF3 does not work, I try with CoinOPS Inferno Epic(CoinOPS Inferno R3), it works well with this old version.


There is a problem with R4 Coinops epic.

I mean the games street fighter 3 3rd strike xbox version, not the version CPS3

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