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nice one.


IMHO This is silly, there must be like 3 people in the world with upgraded xboxes

there is more than just those 3 games in the pgm driver those are the ones that interest me and i dont have an upgraded xbox either,i am talkining about adding vmm to see how they emulate on stock xboxs.

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I know cps3 works on a ram upgraded xbox with no speed upgrade and at HD as well as SD......


I need to test the speed of PGM games before I work out Virtual mem as it doesnt look that easy and its new to me this stuff...so ill have to learn it...I will if its just a ram issue and I think it is as CPS3 runs fine on a normal CPU

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I've found some problems at EPIC R3.


1. I can't play Super Mario 64 (n64). ( Original EPIC can play well. I just moved rom file to R3..)

2. Some SNES games control is weird.

For example,Terranigma(SNES) can't move where I want. In this game, I can not move to upper left. but original EPIC very well too.


And I hope R4 have a function not to use any video filters in Console.

Because I loved original dot graphic.


Thank you very much.

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1) there are two rom files to move the pointer in CoinOPS/roms normally and the file in CoinOPS/romsN64


2) im not sure what this means....I didnt change the controls from R3? do you mean madmab or eport one?


3) Pixel perfect is later maybe....I asked if people where happy at the time and gave them a week to respond then I moved on to arcades....I may look at it on the next pass


it sounds like setup issues mainly to me....this is why I put out epic...and why ill redo things later all sorted...theres more to things than just adding roms

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Thank you for reply.


2) I'm not sure how many games have a same problem. Because I didn't test lots of games not yet.

To be sure some games character moved weird.


When I pushed D-pad left button, the character can't move left well at playing "Terranigma" (SNES).

Upper button is same. but right and down button is good working.

What’s even stranger every button are good working in other SNES games. like a "Super Mario World".

If you have a time, try to play "Terranigma" (SNES). This game is the heart of problem, I think.

I did my best to solve it like delete save files and re-install R3, they were useless.

maybe I'll come back original EPIC until R4.


I appreciate you always. Have a nice day.

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hit me up after r4....ill do a bug bash... I dont have that rom as well....



Added 4 more rom status.....so every game game be tagged as

Final Burn CPS2/ NEO GEO CORE displays as Hot game

Final Burn CPS2/ NEO GEO CORE displays as Classic game

so I can setup better filtering

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ummm remove the link its againt the rules .....


sorry im doing major rework to settings and merging alot of source code and updating drivers... so at present im a bit busy later ill take a look at it


try changing the keys to analog with remap features and see if it works?

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I'm so sorry. I didn't know rules.

Anyway I try to use to remap and changing Analog, it was good working.

and try again to change D-PAD was good working too.

Thank you so much. You are a great expert. :o

I really appreciate you, and have a nice day!

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