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**** CoinOPS EPIC R4 (Standalone Release) ********




added fast PSIKYO core for many games with sound....strikers II and strikers III etc

added fast Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels with sound

added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 with sound

added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 with sound

added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus with sound

added all CPS3 games and all CPS3 No-CD games in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes

added all PGM games in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes (included ddp2 ddp3 ketsui espgunda KOV2 martial m etc)

added DDcrew in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes

journey now playable in mame

knuckle bash 2 now playable in mame

Recalhorn now playable

Command War now playable

Double Dragon 1 fix ending (I hope seems that way)

Changed the way viusally show times played is used and controlled

Changed the aspect ratio for basic users and works for Arcades and Consoles with one click

Removed alot of bugs from V3

Linked the Aspect ratios correction of arcades and consoles and moved it to basic settings

Moved advanced arcade aspect ratios like pixel perfect etc to advanced settings

Added New Romstatus to tagging many different ways

Added New games to catagories

Added New games and alot of Older supported games to Final Burn Cores (speed related) where it is seen fit to do so

Fixed C64 Booting

Fixed auto resize of GB games changing in and out of Aspect Correction

Some tidy ups


drivers added


DRIVER( kbash2 )

DRIVER( recalh )

DRIVER( commandw )


DRIVER( Keta )

DRIVER( Ketb )

DRIVER( Espgal )

DRIVER( Thegladpcb )

DRIVER( Ddp2 )

DRIVER( Ddp2101 )

DRIVER( Ddp2102 )

DRIVER( Ddp3 )

DRIVER( Ddp3v100 )

DRIVER( Ddp3v101 )

DRIVER( Ddp3d )

DRIVER( Ddp3blk )

DRIVER( Martmasc )

DRIVER( Martmast )

DRIVER( Kov2 )

DRIVER( Kov2106 )

DRIVER( Kov2p )

DRIVER( Kov2p205 )

DRIVER( warzard )

DRIVER( sfiii )

DRIVER( jojo )

DRIVER( jojoba )

DRIVER( jojobaa )

DRIVER( sfiii2 )



DRIVER( jojoban ) // NO CD VERSION


DRIVER( redeartn ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( redearth )

DRIVER( sfiii2n ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( sfiii3n ) // NO CD VERSION

DRIVER( sfiii3 )

DRIVER( sfiiin )

DRIVER( sf3 )


NOTE FOR EPIC USERS : sfiii3 rom pic and video now needs to be renamed as sf3.zip sf3.png sf3.xmv this is due to sfiii3 is now being used by the final burn core

NOTE Please for each game I wish to know if it runs on an Xbox with 128Megs of ram and how well (also on the trusty ones)


Thanks to IQ as usual for his help.....although alot of work was put in by me without IQ this would have never been possible in the first place

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Usage from DOS: XBEPatch filename


This will create a backup of the original file (.bak extension) and a patched version of the file.


Edit: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GNZ7AZYN is a link to a GUI for XBEPatch.


:):D:D It worked on Surreal64

I will go to for CoinOPS tonight. I assume I will have to go for every .xbe file in the main CoinOPS Epic R3 folder but will I have to do all the .xbe's in every subfolder as well?


CoinOps R3 Patched and working Thank You to everyone for the help. :D:D

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what an amazing job you have done all this time BP, these emulator keeps getting better and better, really its a wonderful job,


im kind of new to this, so im asking for some help, im reading in the FAQS of epic you can put bor and homebrew games in coinops, the problem is i dont know where to put these files, the only thing i know is to make the pointers,


thanks a lot.......

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