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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I Googled and found what you were referring to - CoinOps Raped Edition. You can tell by the name it is some amateur hour crap. What the correlation is between rape and reducing the number of ROMs is beyond my comprehension. People are really twisted sadly.



lol looking though jodo901 whoever gets this stuff is in for issues.....I just looked though his stuff and he left in large files that arnt needed and deleted small files that are needed....expect issues and beware he doesnt know what hes doing and has introduced newbe mistakes, he didnt test in hd and sd etc and I can easily see the areas he didnt test as a few things will now crash....he posts on xboxisozone
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nope.....read please



**** CoinOPS EPIC R2 (Standalone Release) ********


Rebraded to CoinOPS EPIC (Inferno is now obsolete)

Consoles Keymapping Added

Console Save State Added

Location of Roms for Console Games in GUI

Seperated GBA and GB/GBC keymap and screensizing

fixed virtual mem of alot of CPS2 from Inferno R3

Patched in EPIC fixes from Inferno R3


(Note to get the features to work if you overwrote an old version please delete CoinOPS/save folder ;) )

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