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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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i have only just installed coinops epic inferno that i downloaded from newsgroupds the same one that is on UG.

love this emu, great stuff


nope.....read please



**** CoinOPS EPIC R2 (Standalone Release) ********


Rebraded to CoinOPS EPIC (Inferno is now obsolete)

Consoles Keymapping Added

Console Save State Added

Location of Roms for Console Games in GUI

Seperated GBA and GB/GBC keymap and screensizing

fixed virtual mem of alot of CPS2 from Inferno R3

Patched in EPIC fixes from Inferno R3


(Note to get the features to work if you overwrote an old version please delete CoinOPS/save folder ;) )

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I'm upgrading my emulators and decided that its time to upgrade to CoinOPS EPIC from the old GOLD version i'm using (even though i am very happy with it). One thing i noticed about EPIC is that it takes about 3-4 times longer to load the same roms compared to Gold.


It goes like this: I click on a game to load and it takes about 5-6 seconds before it quits the GUI while with Gold it was instant. Then i get a black screen for a few seconds more, before the actual loading bar starts (which loads slower than it did in Gold anyway). This happens even with old early 80's games that don't weight more than a few kbs.


I just wanted to ask if this behavior is normal or there's something wrong with my setup. Anyway, i'm downloading R2 version now to see if its faster.


Great work and thanks in advance.


Edit: Oups, i just saw a solution in FAQ that i missed before, derp.

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;) ya...its due to massive amount of games now....and the tracking if you delete the catver.ini and removed most of the games it would boot the same...but I gave you an option to remove tracking and speed up the process and added it to the FAQ :)


alot arnt reading it first....

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what do you think of keymapping? alot easier than the other emus to work out what button is what and map...am I right or am I right....


I had to rewrite the code and then figure out every button and where they where on every controller....man although using a common file for this stuff is a good idea it made it very hard to work out what was going on...and also ment you had allow for two button mapping which doesnt work with in game keys and only with gui keys


Anyways hope you like the improvements alot of this stuff has been asked for a bit


the console path sould allow for smb console support and also console support from dvd is setup correctly.....I might expand on this if people use it and definable paths for alot more

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no where in the FAQ Can i see how to add games that have been HomeBrewed for Xbox... how/where do i add them?


Also you mentioned SMB...can i network the roms


think i have the idea......i think.... do i have to use the shortcut maker for each individual homebrew game???


EDIT : The FAQ/Readme.... Call me a total noob if you like (lol i feel like i am right now) but it doesn't really explain what you have to do, well it does if your familiar with it and as i am not i am clueless. But anyway i will persevere and try to figure it out all i achieved so far is a shortcut to resetting the XBOX ;)

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still cant figure out how to add the homebrew games... A 'how to in steps' structure would be nice instead of cryptic crap, soz dude i love your work but im sick of guessing now


'how to in steps'


1) you do this

2) you do that

3) put this there and that here

4) yay game added


that kind of thing

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