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  1. Hi Fumanchu long time no see you... Can I have the avi to xmv converter? all links above are dead... Thanks.
  2. Thankyou very much!! By the way I have a little problem: with neogeo games and finalburn core. If I use the neogeo.zip file of mame Cionops the games of finalburn dont work, and if I use the finalburn neogeo.zip The finalburn works very well, but the coinops neogeo games says crc error. what can I do? I´ve tried put a neogeo.zip in a rompath and the other in another rompath but not working either.
  3. Is there a form to add two folders of screenshots and coinops read them????? The problem is I have 6000 screenshots, but in a folder just can put 4096, and the others... I´ve tried modify MAMEoX.ini in Tdata: ScreenshotPath0 = d:\screenshots ScreenshotPath1 = f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s2 ScreenshotPath2 = f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s3 ScreenshotPath3 = f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s4 But doesn't work ScreenshotPath = d:\screenshots;d:\s2;d:\s3;d:\s4 Either works ScreenshotPath = d:\screenshots;f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s2;f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s3;f:\Emulators\CoinOPS Epic R2\s4 Either works Any ideas???
  4. Thankyou very much mate, I don't have money at this moment jaja, but I'll keep that in mind, Im going to look for roms in torrent or direct download. Thankyou
  5. Hi again, I`m setting a really nice job with mi coinops, adding screenshots, manuals, console roms, videos, roms, and working with obviously the coinOPS epic R2, and I downloaded the romcenter, and that cuestion came to my mind: what dat use the coinops Epic R2?? 0.84??? And another cuestion jeje: I have a link for coinops epic on newsgroup, cause I want the videos, and all the roms in there, but I do not know how to use it :$ , I dont know if this is a page that I have to pay to download or what What about by torrent ???
  6. Ohh you're a geniuos (.)(.), its really impresive the way you work. And I really want to help to develop more things on the xbox, just tell me.
  7. OK I took a first look on coinops epic R2, and it's really an impressive job, its so comfortable to remap the console buttons, all works very well, and when you press Lthumb button again appears the option for listenning music while youre playing ohh!!! The save-load state works perfectly. 1.If I have a suggest it is that probably that black screen for remapping set an artistic background or something like that (just vanity). 2.Take screenshots for console games-and for arcade the screenshots path be screenshots instead of videos. 3.There is a game called puzzle bubble3 it´s of my favorites, but not plays as I wish... I'd like to know if its possible to play smoothly and at full speed, 'cause I´ve tried to decrease and increase framerate skkiping, and makes smoothly, but slowly too, I've tried overclok, throttle but nothing... Thanks, and I really like to contribute in all that suggestions, if theres a way I can edit something like a cgf file, or something not very difficult please let me know. I'll keep testing Games and the cionops, and I will let you know all I find.
  8. Oh finally!!! I just want to thank all who made possible this coinops Epic R2, (.)(.)-bp I really apreciate your job, and I want you to know that. And of course I wish you the best luck in your projects. Thank you!!! PS. ¿ Fumanchu are you xcalibur ? jeje
  9. well, Im really confused about the msn jeje, I'm on line at this moment, but nothing happen, and I really don't know where download it, I wanna be the first to try this jewel!!! PS my msn: toledano_1@hotmail.com maybe if you add me...
  10. May I have a link too??? I've waiting a lot for this moment!!! I've tried contact you via MSN but maybe there's a problem... Thankyou very much for this release, I'm sure this is the best release ever!!!!
  11. Friend I've already add your mail, I hope you had recive my mails. I think this night I won't sleep, testing that coinops jeje. I'll let you know all the things I test and all the results. I've either heard og xizard dash, I use unleashX and all works very well.
  12. mm... I can't wait anymore jeje, that coinops for testing, by the way how much it takes to download the 18gb coinops by torrent, I want all the movies for my next coinOPS epic r2!!!
  13. Yes, in your PC right clic on that png, propeties, details, and there is one option "profundidad de bits" it has to say 24, other way coinops won't read, for example if it says 32 bits it won`'t work. Use a program editor and put a background layer, this way the img will be a 24 bits png and coinops will read.
  14. thanks for the answer and Ill be waiting here, and of course Ill test everything in that release
  15. I'm really impatient about the coin ops epic r2!!! I want to be the first to try it. By the way, when it release can I have a link?
  16. Oh are you serious??? Of course I want you to release that build! I hope you decide soon 'cause Ithink it would be the best coinops ever made. But if you want I could test that build and tell you if it has some bugs jeje. My greetings (.)(.)
  17. Hi 1Emulation friends, that is my cuestion: ¿how can I change the buttons of Nes games in coinops inferno r3? 1. I tried to do in the advanced configurations, enabling "remap default", or something like that, but i just can change the buttons of the mame games, Nes games keeps the same. 2. I also tried on a Nes game press back+black, but instead cfg buttons, appears screen adjustment. Please help me.
  18. Ohh, thankyou very much for your help!!! I solved the problem, and here is if someone has the same problem: 1. The error was the program I used to compress the file game, used winrar in zip format. 2. Solution: copied the file without compress in the xbox in any folder and then in the unleashedX filexplorer there's an option to compres file in zip, I did so and copied to romsn64 and all function perfect. Thamkyou for your answers.
  19. I'm very mad about nintendo 64 roms and coinops inferno r3, because I can not play them anyway. 1. I downloaded coinops inferno R3. 2. I deleted my coinops RX and babe folders in tdata and udata, I think I deleted completely all data about coinops. 3. Copied coinops inferno r3. 4. Copied some mame roms in /roms folder and too a N64_Mariokart64.zip, it was a txt file renamed to N64_Mariokart64 and zip extension instead txt, I think it's the pointer. 5. Copied a mario kart 64 real file in romsn64 folder, that works ok on my surreal xxx 64 ce 5.4, it has 7z extension. 6. Rescan my games, and the mario kart appears in the list, but when I try to start appears a black screen and returns to mame list. 7. Copied in the romsn64 folder the file renamed to N64_Mariokart64.zip, but does not work; I unzip the file and just extract mario kart 64 u.z64 then zip again just that file, and renamed to N64_Mariokart64.zip, does not work; I had make a lot of combinations, but the result is the same. The other mame games works very well for example snowbros, final fight, etc. I don't know if there is another thing I'm not doing, or the rom is an special file for the coinops inferno r3, I really need your help. I would really apreciate your help.
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