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  1. yes they are(should be) the ones on the right
  2. you can do the formatting of the F drive after with xbox partitioner. The adapter on the left but require longer to powerup. X3 with flubber takes a while longer than usual with that adapter and iits possible thats why it worked. Least people know they work. I did no reseach buying my 1tb drive, just bought it and it worked no problem with the adapters edit: sorry if its offttopic..
  3. i read a big part of the post... Trying to avoid the drama club myself, just love coinops Yeah the adapter on the left worked in my pc too. I tried hdm2.2 and it build the hard drive and everything just never worked in xbox. But for whatever reason it did with x3
  4. er whats this about hard drive formatting. Id rather not lose 1tb of stuff if i screw up with coinops???
  5. the adapters do work. But there are sometimes different kinds. These came from deal extreme (order them in advance because deal extreme can take 2 months to deliver) the one on the left was loaned to me whilst mine arrived. I had a lot of problems with this adapter. It only worked on my Xecuter3 chip with the flubber enabled in the bios It wouldn't with the 1tb, 2x500gb and 160gb sata drives that i have on 1.0tsop 1.0 Duox and 1.6 softmodded box the one on the right worked with both my 1tb and 500gb incidentally all seagate compatibility chart http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list
  6. what is the best way to upgrade when you add games and videos? I just retransfered off back from xbox into pc and ran the torrent over it?
  7. blank. Saw ur posts on youtube. Sweet cab!!
  8. yeah that sounds better I have about 5 hours left here so i can help seed when done. IPtorrents; i am not a member there is there open signups? I love UG but my only issue with UG is if a newbie to the site grabs a huge torrent like CoinOPS then they might get banned before it even finishes... I will check UG to see what the limitation is.... I suggest IPTorrents where it can posted as freeleech so it does not count against your ratio but you still have to seed or you face a ban.
  9. I missed all the of the drama as i come across coinops later than others. I am glad there is a torrent(thanks) that I can use to 'upgrade', since i had 18GB version already. I was complaining about the torrent site. KAT is just another piratebay, torrentspy, torrentjunkie etcetc. Welcome to leechers. I can't see people staying on the torrent to seed it well afterwards. Perhaps a site like UG would be more suitable though that site is invite only. So just to say i was complaining about torrent sites and not about this project of which i love
  10. when you say ^^ I hope u are not referring to me Strange....reminds me someone...retarded ^^
  11. i have no idea why KA Torrents was used to seed. Public sites are the shittest and slowest and leech scummy on the net. Im trying to 'upgrade' coinops. as i had the 18GB version. is there any other way of getting the extra 7GB rather than this infuriatingly slow torrent?
  12. sure... Spectrum (just not 'spextrum' its the worst emulator) amiga, atari2600, atariST, atariXL(i i could find the roms)
  13. i have an xbox here that is just for gaming so i have it booting to coinops... What a great thing it is There are way too many spectrum games. Spent many years of youth playing on spectrum 25 years + hehe Not too bothered over adding spectrum games to the list. But rather just an option to add the emulator the way you can add other apps like these XBOX_XAPP_Avalaunch XBOX_XAPP_DVD2Xbox XBOX_XAPP_DVDPlayer XBOX_XAPP_EvoX XBOX_XAPP_MediaXMenu XBOX_XAPP_UnleashX XBOX_XAPP_XBMC I could always boot xbmc from settings list then run didntXspectrum there (or fuse im still deciding which is better) "chaos" is still one of the best multiplayer games ever !!
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