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**** CoinOPS Inferno EPIC R2 (Standalone Released) ********


Rebraded to CoinOPS EPIC (Inferno is now obsolete)

Consoles Keymapping Added (should be much easyer than any other xbox console emu eg xport/madmab to keymap)

Console Save State Added

Location of Roms for Console Games in GUI

Seperated GBA and GB/GBC keymap and screensizing

fixed virtual mem of alot of CPS2 from Inferno R3

Patched in EPIC fixes from Inferno R3




--------------------- ADVANCED IN GAME CONTROLS (CONSOLES) ---------------------


BACK and WHITE - Save State

BACK and BLACK - Load Saved State

Left Thumb Button - Remap the Controller

Right Thumb Button - Resize the Screen


Note to get features to work if you overwrite an old build you may have to delete the CoinOPS/save folder :) (this will remove all old console saves)


R3 screensizing options like pixel perfect and aspect correct

R4 will be onto arcades again id say

Releases will be about 3 weeks apart


let me know of any bugs or issues ;) wants.....also ill hold you to the other thread for wanted games and yes a massive update pack to EPIC (full version) is coming

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lol looking though jodo901 whoever gets this stuff is in for issues.....I just looked though his stuff and he left in large files that arnt needed and deleted small files that are needed....expect issues and beware he doesnt know what hes doing and has introduced newbe mistakes, he didnt test in hd and sd etc and I can easily see the areas he didnt test as a few things will now crash....he posts on xboxisozone


they can do what they want but once again I feel sorry for people getting this build like rx he wouldnt listen and made clear errors that I could see in 5 seconds...but hey its up to them there downloads are tiny now....so the errors wont spread to far....anyways if you see people from there or post there id warn them and point them here ill help them produce a small version and there are 2 small versions I did out now....


If you want to make a diff version contact me and ill tell you how to make your own pack...as this stuff is just the blind trying and getting it 95 percent right... ;)


anyways......its a shame to see people that dont know what they are doing pretending they do and insulting me and then others suffer from there clear bugs...by not giving people in the know a 5 second look....alot cut off there nose to spit there face and try to pass themselves off as helping aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you poor people

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Can't wait to try out Epic R2.


At the moment the only features I could think of that I would want added is cheat support for consoles. Also maybe the rewind and fast forward functions, but that's not really as important (though I am sure my sister would absolutely love that feature added, she always has to use rewind on the other emulators because she isn't exactly that good at video games (doesn't stop her from liking to play them, though)).

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