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im well aware but the xtras guys will keep coming....


they love hanging on my balls...and they dont really have an other options left


but your right and why im thinking of locking the forum down again for a while...its ok work carries on with or without the forum...it would be helpfull to people as I see questions on multiple forums and they are nearly allways easy to answer and I see them answered incorrect alot or just pain not answered as the people dont understand


I have a large network on friends and most can communicate with me.....I only feel sorry for new people and there lots of lots of them by looks...and the xtras team hate releasse and hate support they would rather give misinformation than help people. Trust me if I want something its done quickly....its always you guys that suffer more than me....people might think its the other way around but really its the basic user that ends up hurting due to the xtras team and most of them have come over to CoinOPS by looks of the stats....


I have said a few times its up to you guys to hold them back its ok for me to do what I want alone, ill do stuff for sure and have alot of new stuff done in the last few months...a few new toys....its you guys that suffer...to me dev and support is painfull with xtras idots and ive become increasing aware that im hanging around with the losers in life....and think at times my god these guys think they are doing knowble work or something and expect me to respect a new icon (done to a level not on the same leage as im used to dealing with in real life)....its clear to me its school boys development and they think my stuff suxs...at my work they wouldnt last 10 secs in the interview....its clear they dont know what it takes to win or have the skills and its sad at times that down and out in life hang onto others so bad...but once again I know there are so many people that want stuff that I can do...its how to manage it thats been the problem more than doing it


soon im planning on a lock down due to my awareness that I can do what I want and that frankly the losers love me to much and its increasing get wierd for me to think about dev and I keep thinking are these people serious :) I mean I look at there stuff and they expect me to take it seriously....alot of the time I thought CBAs skins where jokes and the team of friends where 50/50 on wether it was....and I cant take that seriously as I now think they want me to, how can one talk something seriously when I actual thought it was a piss take..... well I cant to, me there stuff is not to any standard I want.... as said when I grabed the snes xtras it was 98 percent what I helped do 2 years before and then was handed to them on an ftp


my rant.... as said if the community doesnt change things I will do so


the xtras guys probably keep coming back be cause you are bringing things up at every opportunity. xtras this, xtras that.

but why wouldn't you, it helps to keep your post count high & your ego high with it.

any publicity is good publicity..right?

suppose the only thing is, you look like a right dick doing it. lol.

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well you keep coming back.....maybe your the dummy in the room:) maybe your the clown in the audience saying hes not good when everyone else is clapping and you think im so cool cause I see what all the others cant see........


all I do is point out the obvious and I never comment on any of there sites ever....no need as we all know....and I do really think there stuff is below standard and most was done for them years ago in a very very short time....maybe a day or two and I know as I was there doing it


but once again I feel sorry for the normal people clapping that the clowns say hes no good to and they probably look at them thinking what clowns...as would be expected....I wish the normal people wouldnt let the losing people with issues to grind overpower them.....


and to you guys I have no issues at all you guys using your own threads then everyone can ignor them like happened everytime they tried to gain support they got 0 support none and still think im so cool I see what others cant see and as they cant and dont talk to me ill go and tell them and say they are fools and the people they follow are fools....and as I say at times I look over and go oh my god the losers are all over me, what am I doing with so many losers hanging onto me dont they have anything to do

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Jodo I just need a project manager really a list of games in one place and then ill fix them up.....and a list of features wanted in one place and sorted in groups....then I can tick them off


I guess some way of prioritising


ill release psx videos to the person who agrees to make a pack...also we can discuss adding more games as I think I had about 50....(those 50 will go straight over epic though and have all there fav status and genres perfect with no altering of the emu at all)

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