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  1. Its not the emulator its certain tvs that dont scale to 720p i hooked it up to another they all ran in 720p Thanks bp keep it up dude. alot of drama on this site feels like im in a hen house.
  2. No,copy just the 3 files That's exactly what I did, strange. I tried v1 and v2 as well. Same results. Mine still does that to except for pilot wings that works with 480p and 720p but locks up during game play BP hit me up if you want a video of it.
  3. yeah it always did but i had total faith in your skills it would get worked eventually.I will think about the psx and n64 games you know everybody wants a decent conker and golden eye but they don't run to hot.did you completely take out the dvd playback cause i had the isos was gonna throw them on mine.
  4. BP its still scrabbled with both enabled.
  5. Your the man fixed it all it was was in xbmc system i had 480 and 720 checked works like a champ now thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Switched tvs its goes from 720p on preview vid to 480p during game so its changes should be working i don't get it lol
  7. yeah there soft modded hers a vid of mario 64 first sd then 720p http://s590.photobucket.com/albums/ss341/d...Picture.mp4.but i had this same exact problem with a older version of surreal64 and the creator told everybody to downgrade cause he could not fix it.but new versions have worked fine.beats me?
  8. Sorry had to get some sleep. yes always looked like that in 720p but is fine in sd.And i put coinops on multiple xboxs same result. lol
  9. BP here are some pics of what it looks like in 720p http://s590.photobucket.com/albums/ss341/dyeguy567/
  10. BP yeah tried f-zero same thing but if i disable the 720p its fine.But i do remember surreal having that same weird distorted look awhile back.I think i will survive with the other money 2200 games.your doing a fine job thanks again.
  11. Yes everything else is 720p but the n64 are still distorted.I erased the surreal64 u and tdata.I heard something about the ver 1.0 xbox had that problem with a old version of surreal.ill keep trying keep up the good work coinops 2 is the shit.
  12. n64 Hd update did not work.I think it might be your pj64 510.xbe file its the same size as the old one.
  13. Nice BP thats what i was waiting for!! Now all have to do is figure out dragons lair and space ace?
  14. Bp on the dragons lair do i just put dvd iso in roms or does it have to be a video_ts folder? coinops 2 rocks thanks!!!
  15. Hey BP could you add mike tysons nes,nhl 94' mega drive,friday the 13th,rocky horror picture show and manic mansion for c64? Keep up the good work!!!! P.s. anyway daphne makes it in i will add roms and movies.Thanks again!
  16. Awesome job on the emulator BP!!! One problem n64 games don't work in 720p any way to fix this? Thanks for all your hard work happy holidays !!!!!!!
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