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  1. thanks for the quick reply, worked like a charm!....... just need to make some videos now.
  2. hi im trying to add my favorite PSX roms Mega Man x 3,4,5 and 6. i put the .iso's in the roms folder and made the pointer (blank .txt renamed to .zip) and rescanned my roms but they never showed up, any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Yeah can you imagine a set with nothing but the best RPG's from all supported consoles, you could call it CoinOPS Time waster set haha edit... WOW i just had a Great idea build an emulator & romset with unlockables. when u 1st start the emulator you have a set amount of games and u need to beat some to unlock more games (at boot have the emulator check for known flags in saves or something) it would make people MUCH more enticed to play some of these grate games ( CoinOPS RPG CHALLENGE! )
  4. hi i had to comment on THE BEST EMULATOR THE XBOX HAS EVER SEEN,.,. well i just wanted to know when the 13gigs of psx will be released as i hate other xbox psx emulators and my friends and i want to know if there is a good tutorial on adding and setting up .iso's,roms, with videos
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