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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Hey BP,


I think this is pretty good. I don't think you need the lower case 'e' in the background. I miss the fire from Inferno too, but I see why it was removed. Do you want to play some Photoshop tennis with me this weekend so we can play around with some ideas? :D


A quick one from me..... same info as above this ones sqaure and aspect is correct


can rename it to default.tbn so it displays in XBMC as the icon :) I know others do this stuff but I thought id give a quick one and save me the effort of finding one

Hope you like it if not well there are lots of others...not to my taste and often the wrong name....if anyone wants the psd or to make a wide icon let me know ill help out doesnt take long




Added an attachment with a list of CoinOPS EPIC GAMES

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Tekken 3 works good spotting though wondered how long it would be :D....press A while booting it will go though past that bit keep pressing it while loading or it will crash...this is due to me removing the skipping sound and video if it boots the video it crashs :)....ill fix it with the psx fixs im doing at present

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another little pressie for those that want stuff......


ill be opening a new what people want going forward thread soon and explaining the rules of game....I recommend you use those rules early instead of asking after the party :D but it will be your chance to direct priorites same as always....


On here id love bug reports.....general feed back if you liked it and links to your you tube videos...who will be first to do a review or even better a you tube video?????


Thread on the way forward is soon and on that ill ask for someone to keep track on things once again on some kind of spread sheet the recommend thread is good but I cant go to one place to see a break down summery of what is asked and im not reading though 1000 threads again so its only what I remembered that would be tohught about

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